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  1. Alrighty, this is the OOC. We can discuss more about the rp here as well as anything else we may need to talk about. I really don't have any rules, except follow Iwaku's. But there are four I would like to inforce:

    1. No godmodding.
    2. No one liners
    3. Take turns <---- A lot of rps I have done in the past, people either forgot or didn't know what turn base was.
    4. If your character(s) get into a fight with another player's character(s), discuss in the here in the OOC on the outcome of the fight, and not all fights between characters (If any throughout the rp) have to end in a death.


    Here is Character Sheet:

    File No.: (Example: 0987532401-09874321)
    Subject No.: (Example: 01664)
    Age: (14-17 will work)
    Race: Human/ Shifter/ (What ever race- Black, Caucasian, Asian ect)
    Blood Type:
    Background: [CLASSIFIED]
    Appearance: (Anime or real life picture will work or description of human form)
    Creature Appearance: (picture or description of what their other form looks like)
    Additional information: (What kind of weapons they turn objects into/ their favorite weapon(s) and what ever other information you want to add)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.