Who wants to be friends?

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  1. Its been a few days since i joined this website and im loving it so far (: But i feel lonely xc Who wants to be friends? :o Cuz im really lonely :( I'll give you love and food ^.^
  2. I'll be your friend for 15 buck-a-roos!
  3. 15 Buck-a-roos?! XD
  4. I do it for 10 bucks-a-roos, don't listen to @ASTA he is scamming you.
  5. No, I want to be your enemy.

    I will meet you outside your house for our annual death match in fifteen minutes. I suggest you get your weapons ready.
  6. Bad Allen!
    You know newbies don't understand our hostility right off the bat!

    I'll do it for 9 Buck-a-roos. *smug face*
  7. I'll be your friend...~ElectraHeart!
  8. I don't need money, but there was a promise of food.
  9. I don't want friends, that involves talking to people.

    *Hisses and retreats to someplace dark.
  10. 8 Buck-a-ross, are we really going THERE now?
  11. I heard something about food! My friendship is yours!
  12. Why would we find them 8 guys named Buck A. Ross to be friends with? : T
  13. Buck-a-ross?

    7 Buck-a-roos
    Wait. Nevermind. We were, but then I noticed that there was food.
  14. All of these posters undercutting me like this is rustling my jimmies something fierce.
  15. Jimmies?! Weren't we just talking about Bucks?!
  16. I forgive you for not being capable of speaking superior Aryan language if you forgive me for my bad grammar <3.

    That's how you destroy mmo economies :3.
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  17. Truce.

    You also forgot to capitalize "Aryan", but that's not what this thread is for.

  19. Wait since we're getting food as well I wanna be in on this
  20. I'll be your friend for absolutely free~ :3