Who Wants to be an Iwaku Millionaire (conducted by Flare)

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Well, well, welcome back! This is the MSN edition of the failed Who Wants to be an Iwaku Millionaire game thread. Hopefully, this one will be more successful.

The rules are simple:

You are a contestant who has gotten a chance to sit in the hotseat. The hotseat. And now, you are about to answer your $100 question, slowly making your way up to a million Iwaku virtual dollars.

All you have to do is wait for me to contact you on MSN (or Skype), sit there and answer my questions. If you hit a bump, not knowing the answer to any of the questions, you have three 50:50 life lines to use.

Basically, the same rules as the game show. :/ If we have multiple members who are interested, I might throw in a "Fastest Finger First."

Oh, and I will be keeping score, so there will be a big scoreboard showing how much you guys have failed or succeeded. So, compete with your fellow Iwaku members! >:)

With that, I commence this game initiated. As Shang Tsung said so in the MK movie, "IT HAS BEGAN." Post your interest here if you wish to play.


Sorry for the double post, but just to notify, this game's been moved on from the Cbox onto MSN (and it's now a Game thread). I'll contact certain Iwaku member contacts on my MSN contact list to ask for a short time to attend the quiz, but you could also post your interest beforehand here as well.

Thank you.
I might be interested? It's worth a try, I suppose. ^^;
An Miru's finished the game with $300, leaving the game with no cash price due to not hitting any milestone. Her name has been recorded on the scoreboard along with the others. :3

Also, I eliminated the rules about the safe havens. I'll still mention whether the player has hit any milestone or has attained any amount of money left at the end of the game, but they are essentially pointless when recording into the Scoreboard.

So, I'll be waiting for the next competitors. Dare you be the next Iwaku Millionaire?!
Scoring at $1,000,000 without being familiar with the country the questions are associated with, Asmodeus is now the top winner of this game for answering a TOUGH question set. Give him a round of applause.
I was ridiculously lucky. >___>
And Xnijmai has finished the game with $32,000 at hand. He's almost as lucky as Asmo, too... or it could be that it's 8 AM in the morning and I haven't been sleeping again. xD
Isabella has participated and has won the record of walking away with the lowest cash price ever. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Congratulations. :)
Hey...a hundred books will buy you...stuff.