Who Wants to be a Virtual Millionaire?

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Alright, the rules are simple. I shall play the host first and posts the first $500 worth question with four possible answers. The posters that follow try and give the correct answer to that question, and if one poster answers that question correctly, he/she gets to be the host and asks the next question. Simple, right?


First of all, you don't get to be the host unless you have successfully answered the 'safe haven questions' - the questions with the bolded cash prize below. But anyone can answer questions; just a matter of how fast you post. The first poster to answer the second question worth $1000 correctly will get to be the host and have to double the worth of the next question (hence, $2000). And then when the seventh question and the second safe haven comes along, the first poster to answer that question correctly gets to be the host and so on and forth for the final question worth $1 million.

If any of the posters are to provide a wrong answer for any question, the others are allowed to continue providing a correct one, until a correct answer is confirmed by the host. The poster who had just provided the wrong answer, however, will have to wait until the next question is asked before he/she can answer, since cheating is possible with the short amount of four options.

If the person who is chosen to be the new host doesn't come up with a question for more than a week, I'll take over to prevent the game from dying.

Please post questions are only as difficult as their cash prize. i.e.: Do not post a question about some 20th Century king for the first question worth of only $500.

For each question, the cash price the question rewards increases. The cash prize format goes like this:

$1 million

And by the final $1 million question, the next host will have to start with a simple $500 question again.

Each poster gets to accumulate the cash prize as they answer more questions, so you have to keep a track record of the money you've earned. The first poster to get $5,000,000 wins the game entirely and gets to ask two questions for the two consecutive rounds.

Cheating is, naturally, not allowed. Besides, even if you could cheat, it only serves to ruin the fun for yourself. So. Yeah. Don't cheat!

And of course, you get three lifelines. But since you could probably ask your friends and family anytime anyway, the 'Ask the Audience' and 'Phone-A-Friend' lifelines seem redundant, so each poster gets three 50/50 lifelines till the $1,000,000 question, when the lifelines get 'reset', reverting to three 50/50 lifelines instead.

New lifelines may be introduced in the future of this game, if it (the game) survives.

With that, feel free to posts any questions you may have about the gameplay of this game. Otherwise, let's commence... WHO WANTS TO BE A VIRTUAL MILLIONAIRE?!

Too many rules? Not in a reading mood! Then just answer questions! And leave the hosting to me.

First question: $500

Who is Batman's faithful sidekick?

A) Sparrow
B) Robin
C) Turkey
D) Brad
Actors such as George Clooney and Micheal Keaton have portrayed Batman in Hollywood movies. Congrats. $500, Miru. It's Robin.

Next question and the first safe haven at $1000. The next person to answer to question correctly gets to play host:

What was last name of the family on 'The Cosby Show'?

A) Hampton
B) Huxtable
C) Hindley
D) Baby
You cannot leave with less than $1,000, Vay. Bill Cosby has also done comedy and Jell-O commercials. Congratulations, it's Huxtable. $1000 and you get to play the host!

Please create a question that is worth $2000, Vay. Your hosting will last till the 7th question worth $50 000, if someone gets it correct.