Who Missed Those Days? (TV Cartoons/Shows)

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  1. OH yes, with the crap they are putting now on Tv nowadays it makes me wonder about the real cartoons back when I was a kid.

    Do you have a show or cartoon you missed? What was your favorite?

    Here are mine:

  2. T_T nooo dont post them i miss them

    i miss hamtaro
    cardcaptors sakura
    tiny toons
    all that
    and so many shows on nick
  3. There are two shows.
    Shows that break my heart now that I see what they've done to them.
    Original Pokemon

    and Original Power Rangers.

  4. aaahh-real-monsters-2.jpg
    aaahh real monsters ^_^

    Doug hehehe

    the original rugrats

    and there are sooooo many more
  5. Pokemon -bawls- The original is way so much better than the new ones
  6. I think shows such as Courage the Cowardly Dog and Ren & Stimpy have shaped me in ways I don't care to admit. I think the show I look back most fondly on is The Weekenders, since it was the first show that really made me realise how much I appreciated quick wit and humour through delivery rather than being slapped in the face with punchlines.
  7. [​IMG]

    A few more but I don't wanna cry from a lost childhood. xD
  8. its okay...we're all here for you...^_^
  9. What, no love for my favorite? That's a'ight.

    More good shows:

    I'm not really thrilled by that Pup Named Scooby Doo spinoff >_>
  10. Oh my gosh...seeing all those shows make me wanna cry....

    As for me...




    Toooooooooom..... ;A; im glad that toonami is back....But i miss 3rd tom >_<
  11. tv has died in my eyes samuri x is still the shit who rembers a show called Zoids
  12. omg i used to buy the toys because they where the only transformers that i could actually make into what it wanted me to XD
    i saw on a online toy store that they sold zoids but i almost passed out because they where like 100 bucks

    oh and the 13 ghosts of scooby doo
    which i just found on dvd this morning ^_^
  13. Oh man, 13 ghosts....<333 All the old scooby doo series' were awesome >w<
  14. Powerpuff girls!!!Wooh

    And Ed,Edd and Eddy scare me shitless , don't know why.
    Courage the Cowardly Dog is another one that give me the creeps but I still watch it!

    Never liked Rugrats though O-o Well, only the movie!
  15. ok courage scared me also i mean heck look at some of the bad guys they where scary
  16. FFFFF.

    I wasn't even around for some of these, but reruns are GODS.<3

    FFFFFFFF!!!! (open)
    Cyber Six



    O, Canada!






    Tenchi Muyo




    Hey, Arnold!

    Invader Zim

    Legends of the Hidden Temple


    The Amanda Show


    I wish I could remember the rest...
    Ahhh. This shall suffice. :3
  17. Everything on these lasts post made me squeal a little bit...Especially Allegra's Window..OMG Nick JR at its prime......I loved how Noggin brought some of them back, but then it just turned completely into NickJr...it made me sad.

    I won't forget this logo ;w;


    N-O-G-G-I-N. Noggin~

    okimdonewiththat.--OH WAIT

    FootFace...Nuff said

    ...Don't ask me how I remember all of this...LOL. Anyway ouo
  18. Ahhh... Noggin... <3

    Ask Clarissa or something?.. It had that Sabrina The Teenage Witch girl.. Melissa Joan Hart. I recall a show with her sitting on her bed talking to the camera, and this weird boy who liked her would climb through the window?
    It was weird.
    I WATCHED IT, naturally.
    Oh.. Also.
    I just had a flashback.
    Some show that had hands with faces..... o wo I don't remember titles well.