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Who might be interested?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by ShatteredSkies, Aug 25, 2014.

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  1. Hello, denizens of Iwaku. I have come here to peddle a few plots. Right now, I'm not in a position to launch either of these ideas, but I want to gauge the level of enthusiasm for these two plots of mine.
    Welcome to the Nightstalkers
    In our world, stories have persisted through the centuries. Stories of humans who come out by night to feast upon human blood, tales of men who can turn into wolves, and the like. But no need to fear, they're just stories... Right? From the skies, an international black operations force prowls the Earth. When the supernautral threaten to reveal themselves, they go in and fight fire with fire. Welcome to the Nightstalkers. The plot would follow a mixed team of vampires and werewolves, as they live and fight. Armed with the latest technology, and going on the most dangerous missions. Aboard their home, rules pertaining to relationships are lax, but always remember, the mission comes first.

    Winter is Coming. Not Game of Thrones, sorry. I got this after reading "The Strain" series and biting my nails waiting for The Division.
    " When we first heard the reports, we thought it was a trailer for Speilberg's new film. Then the red phone rang. New York had been exposed to a new type of virus, and it was spreading rapidly, not the flu, worse. Turning people into, vampires. We laughed, thinking the city had been overrun by teenage girls. But when we saw the drone footage, we were scared. The President is trapped in the city, and we have to rescue him from the horrors."
    You would find yourself in a special operations force tasked to recovering the President. Action, horror, and a plot twist that could mean the end of humanity.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.