Who Knew It Would Turn Out Like This {With Avalon Knight}

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  1. Ai ran, ball in hand. Chasing her were two kids around her age, laughing and trying to get her. Ai quickened her pace, refusing to let herself slow down and get trampled. Ai cast a look back at the two boys and chuckled. She turned ehr gaze back towards here and noticed something shine as it caught the light of the sun. As she ran by she swooped down and picked up the shiny object. It was a silver key with special engravings on it. By now, Ai was a good distance away from the boys but didn't slow. The key caught the suns light again, blinding Ai. She tripped on an upturned root and dropped the ball as she fell.

    It seemed like hours before Ai hit solid ground. She landed on her hands and knees and waited a few seconds before she opened her eyes. Once her eyes opened all her senses opened along with them and she immediately regretted it. Sounds ran through her ears and scents flooded her nose. She stood up, clutching her shirt above her breasts. She looked around and noticed that this wasn't the same wood she had been playing in. Cautiously, Ai walked around, looking all around.

    Suddenly, Ai heard the wind as it was pierced by something. Ai half way turned in time for the dart to pass right pass her face and hit a tree. She stood there, stunned, for a few seconds before turning to where it had come from. To any human eye it would appear that nothing was there but Ai's sharp eyes caught a small shine as the sun reflected off of something. She then stared at the bush it was poking out from and could see bright green eyes staring at her. Ai took one step toward the bush and then heard the wind being pierced again at all angles. She leaped up into a tree, hiding in the branches and their very leafy cover. She looked below her to see 10 people who were completely different than her yet the same. They had no ears or tail and they smelled funny. 6 were male and the other 4 were female, that was easy to tell.

    Ai could hear many noises coming from the south so she turned her body that way and ran along the branches. The strange creatures must have seen her cause the strange things with sharp metal tips and four colored paper feathers were flying all around her. Ai decided that they didn't really know how to fight so she kept her weapons hidden and kept running. She wouldn't slow down even if she saw something that reminded her of home. Speaking of which. Ai looked at the key in her hand and pocketed somewhere safe, deciding she better keep it in case there ever came a time when she would need it. Though she doubted it.
  2. Mutsuki dragged his feet as he walked all the way from the train station to the edge of town, hauling around with him a rolling suitcase full of clothes and other baggage. The 17-year old stopped a rather well-off-seeming neighborhood, looked to the paper in his hand detailing the specific address he was to go to, crumpled it into a ball and tossed it aside like the scrap it was. He didn't need to know the address; he knew what his grandfather's house looked like. He made his way down the street and came across the residence he was looking for. It was a reasonably large, traditional-style house framed by foliage with a decently-sized yard and a storehouse in the back. It was no mansion or manor, that was for sure, but it was still a far cry from a flat or the smaller households in metropolitan Tokyo.

    The young brunet unlocked the door and slid it open. His grandfather's house was silent apart from what noise Mutsuki himself was making. He slipped off his shoes and brought in his luggage, closing the door behind him with a loud THUD!. He set his luggage against the wall, lacking the proper energy to go bring it to his grandfa- No, it was Mutsuki's room now that his grandfather was gone. The young man walked to the backyard and sat on the edge of the patio, looking off into the distance. His grandfather was gone now, his parents kicked him out of the house and separated him from all his old friends, he had to fend for himself just a year before he was technically allowed to do that... Really, it was just a tough week for Mutsuki all around.

    Loud sounds coming from the north shook Mutsuki from his moping. "What was that?" he thought, straightening up and leaning in, as if the slight, not-even-foot-long difference in distance would actually do anything to help his hearing. He heard it again and stood up completely, nearing the trees near the edge of the yard slowly but surely.

    THUD! "Gwah!"

    Mutsuki held his reddened forehead, and looked back at where he was walking. He'd bumped into the fence surrounding the property. Very smart of him indeed. He backed out from the foliage and stood in the center of the yard, rubbing his forehead. This time he heard another sound. It was not the loud, indistinguishable one from before, but more like something moving through the trees just outside the fence, and...

    Coming closer?

    For the record I based the house off this one I found (open)

  3. Ai could see a fence through through the thick foliage of the trees. She felt one of the darts graze her cheek and her eyes grew wide as she saw it hit the tree branch above her and stay there. She quickened her pace, fear keeping her going. She soon reached the last tree and stopped. She looked behind her at the hunters and saw three of them in the trees, catching up to her. Ai looked back at the fence and gulped before she leaped off the branch. She seemed to fly through the sky for a short while. Ai looked down just before she landed and saw a boy. She crashed into him, eyes closed tightly.

    Ai didn't hear the footsteps of the hunters anymore but stayed the way she was for an extra minute. When that minute was open she slowly opened her eyes and pressed her palms against something strong. She opened her eyes all the way and found herself staring into someones eyes. Her eyes widened at the sight but she didn't look away. No, she was amazed and awed. This persons eyes were rather pretty and she couldn't look away.
  4. "What's that... HUH!?" Mutsuki looked up just in time to see what seemed to be a girl soar over his fence. It was majestic, in a way. What less majestic though, was the way that she crashed into him, knocking them both to the ground. It was lucky that the ground was just grass, not that the cold hard ground was good to fall on in the first place. He was stuck in that position for what seemed to be forever. The culprit seemed to be... a girl? He looked closer. It wasn't just any girl, it was a girl with the ears and tail of a cat. Was she some kind of cosplayer? It wasn't what he'd say a normal person would do, but he didn't like to judge.

    After the minute passed, the girl finally opened her wide eyes and pressed her hands against him. She didn't do anything, she just stared at him, eyes full of curiousity. Mutsuki instinctively averted his gaze. He had to admit it the situation wasn't exactly the most comfortable of things. "Umm..." he began, placing his hands on the girl's wrists to move them off his body and to the grass, "Hi? Can you explain what's going on?"
  5. A heavy blush appeared on Ai's cheeks when she snapped out of it as soon as she felt herself lower when he moved her hands off his chest. She quickly rolled off him and stood on her hands and feet, back arches like a cat and eyes narrowed. "First, tell me if your trying to kill me." She hissed slightly, suspicious and alert. Her ears moved around and her tail twitched.
  6. Once the catgirl rolled off of him, Mutsuki sat up, placing his hands behind him to support his back. Now that he'd gotten some distance, he could get a better look at the girl than when she was only a few inches from his face. The girl, alert and ready to pounce, hissed a question at him.

    "...Why would I be trying to kill you!?" he exclaimed loudly, scooting away from the feline girl. After all, there had to be a reason why people wanted her dead. She was probably really dangerous. Maybe she'd killed a few people herself! She obviously wasn't human, that was for sure. Nobody had a movable tail or cat ears. But if she wasn't human, what was she?

    "Why would anyone want to kill you?" he asked, tone panicked, "What... What are you?"
  7. Ai watched him as he sat up but refused to move from where she sat. Now that she wasn't atop him she could get a better look at him. He had no weapons and didn't exactly look dangerous.

    "How should I know?! One minute I was walking through the forest try next I'm being chased." She answered, quite confused herself. She had been running then tripped. She should have hit the tree but instead she was in a whole different forest! Ai stopped hissing when she saw his face and sat on her knees.

    "I don't know." She replied to his first question but stopped for a second at his second. Hadn't he ever seen a demon? Was she even in the same place? Ai shook her head and smiled, tilting her head a little in a cute way. "I'm a Neko! My names Ai." She told him, happy to introduce herself to someone who wasn't planning to kill her.
  8. "Uh...Err..." Mutsuki was confused at the whole situation. He had about a million questions at this point, but he just stopped thinking about it since that would make everything easier. The girl didn't seem or act very dangerous, and even gave him a name, so he figured that it wouldn't be so bad if he introduced himself back. She didn't look mean at all either, but it wasn't good to judge books by their covers. "I...I'm Mutsuki" he said hesitantly. He was more accepting of the situation, but still a little bit cautious. "You said you're a neko, right?" he asked, tilting his head and sitting up straighter, "What do you mean by that? Are you a cosplayer or something? And why were you running through a forest?"
  9. Ai listened to his questions and allowed them all to sink in before she allowed the gears in her head to turn. "Nice to meet you." She replied. Ai smiled about his questions about being a neko. "Yes, exactly." She added. But Ai didn't know what he meant by 'cosplayer'. "Umm, I don't know what a cosplayer is but it sounds scary and I hope I never become one." She answered. "And I was running in the forest because me and my friends were playing near the village. I found this silver key and picked it up. I tripped when I did so and was supposed to hit the tree I was falling towards but when I looked up I was in a whole different forest." She explained, hoping he understood a little better. When she told him about he key she retrieved it from her pocket and held it out in her open hands, allowing him to look at it.
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