Who Inspires You?

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  1. For me, different people push me to do different things. I have a group of people who inspire me to be a better actress/Improvist/horse person. Then, there is another person who inspires the less obvious of passions: sword play and cultural background, while also aiding me to become a better writer. There is one other person whom helps to inspire me to be a better person.

    I love these people dearly, and I can say without a single doubt, that they inspire me.

    The question is simple: Who inspires you?
  2. Are you kidding? I inspire others!

    Just ask Sakura.
  3. Razilin.
  4. MY MAMA.
  5. ...I can't answer that. It's too embarrassing. >>
  6. My boyfriend, my grandparents, and my friends