Who else is as bored as I am this Sunday?

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  1. I am so bored, I might just throw myself out a window just to have something to do...
  2. I'm not bored, but I -AM- trying to keep myself occupied before my Charp starts today. O_O And then to try not to do something TOO distracting that makes me forget what time it is
  3. Is this Charp something your excited for or not? I'm just trying to pfind something to occupy my time. I don't feel like reading or video games. So i am at a loss of what to do with my Sunday. I've been working non stop that I am not really sure what to do on my FINALLY free day. I'm over here banging my head against the desk trying to think of something to do.
  4. Very excited! 8D Chat roleplay is my favorite thing ever! Maybe you should come and join. >:3 It's in an hour.
  5. -looks at you unsure what that is- Im a old boring person, you need to explain this to me.
  6. It's roleplaying in a chat room setting. Less huge posts about setting more small posts of conversation and small actions.

    Super fun. It's how most everyone does it in an MMO or game setting.

    Also, you're only as bored as you allow yourself to be. Maybe the reason you don't want to do anything is because you haven't tried? Even if I don't want to play games just picking one at random is enough to break the slump.

    24 isn't old either.
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  7. I know 24 isn't old, i meant inside. I'm an old man...

    yeah, i picked up a book and closed it after a chapter, then i put in J stars and nothing...

    That does sound pretty interesting...
  8. Clearly you need more MUDA MUDA MUDA in your day.

    Go hit the chat boxes. You'll likely not regret it.
  9. Alright, I shall give it a try since you are so convincing hahaa
  10. Get a job. That'll alleviate all the boredom in the world.
  11. I have two jobs... it's is the first day off I have had in 4 weeks
  12. Watch a movie, write a story, become engrossed in a video game or, my personal favorite, sleep. I think I may do that in a few....
  13. I spent the rest of the day training mostly...
  14. *throws himself out a window*
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  15. That worked too....I guess?
  16. I should have just done that, might have been less painful...
  17. That might explain why you feel so bored.

    I know I usually just get a sort of empty feeling when I have time off after I've been swamped in work for like a month. Like, after final exams I come home from college and I suddenly have no idea what to do with my life because I've just fallen out of the habit of a bunch of things I used to do for fun because I no longer had time for those things. So then trying to fill up an entire day with the few things that I did for fun towards the end of the semester is like .... ????

    But um yeah try giving yourself something to look forward to next time. Like, tell yourself that when you have time off, you can finally do X again which you haven't done in like forever cuz you've been too busy. It doesn't even have to be something spectacular, just like... a video game you enjoy or something. Or maybe a movie you've been meaning to watch. I dunno. Just something. Besides, making yourself wait for something seems to make it more enjoyable when you actually do get around to it, anyway. Helps beat that lull of just lying in bed and not knowing what to do because you don't really feel like doing anything entertaining.

    In fact (slightly unrelated but still interesting), that there is one of the reasons why I greatly prefer Netflix hard-copy rentals (like, when Netflix mails you actual DVD's... because that's a thing that they still do) over their streaming service, even though everyone thinks I'm crazy for sticking with hard-copy rentals and not getting streaming when I talk about how I can't get through shows and things as quickly because of it. But here's the thing, I feel like, when you have instant access to something, you just don't want it as much. Like, I could just think about things I want to watch and then not actually watch any of them because it just never feels right to do so at that exact moment. But then, when I actually have to wait for the DVD's to come by mail, it's like... instead of wanting to watch a thing and then not watching it, I say I want to watch a thing, and then I order that thing, and then I wait for that thing to come, and it's like... I know that thing is coming, and I can kind of get excited for it, cuz I do want to watch it, and then it arrives in the mail and it's like "oh yes I can watch this thing now" and then I actually watch it. Whereas if I just had streaming, I feel like I'd never get around to watching it.

    I think the phenomenon where you're bored and everything that used to entertain you just doesn't feel right at the moment is kind of similar. Like, having so many forms of entertainment right at your fingertips just makes you not want it at that moment. I feel like people are more likely to actually enjoy what they enjoy when they make themselves wait for it, even if they only have to wait until, like, later in the day. It's that scarcity that actually makes you look forward to it and then want to actually start doing something that you know you'll enjoy, instead of just sitting around and not wanting to do something even though you'll probably still enjoy it if you can just get yourself to start.

    I dunno, man, boredom is weird sometimes.
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  18. I know exactly what you mean, I don't do much. Just work, train, and raise the kid... I had planned to do something with her today but the aunt took her. So my plans went out the window so I sat wondering what to do with my life. In the end, I trained some more. -rubs the back of my head- I would have called a friend but the person I usually hang out is my daughters aunt... so that was a bust.

    in the end, I caught up on rp's and just watched anime, trained for another hour. Went to the rink had a practice fight. Came home, finished the anime, and waited for them to come back home. I felt like a little puppy waiting for there master to come home so I could have meaning to my life again...
  19. “In the end, it was the Sunday afternoons he couldn't cope with, and that terrible listlessness which starts to set in at about 2:55, when you know that you've had all the baths you can usefully have that day, that however hard you stare at any given paragraph in the papers you will never actually read it, or use the revolutionary new pruning technique it describes, and that as you stare at the clock the hands will move relentlessly on to four o'clock, and you will enter the long dark teatime of the soul.”
  20. I actually had a memorial thing for a grandparent today which kept it interesting (Note he died 2-1/2 years ago, this was for a memorial plaque a charity chose to give him long afterwards) as opposed to simply playing skyrim while procrastinating college work.
    [2] There's a few shows *Looks at Log Horizon and Last Airbender* I've been constantly meaning to watch. But I never find a precise time to because I'm either catching up on Iwaku, out with friends, doing school stuff or gaming/trying to make mods work. So something as simple as planning it ahead of time could do wonders.


    This is my last week of classes now.
    I'm going to tell/order myself to catch up on this shit as a Graduation celebration.



    However, in this specific case you were already having the day off, so it's too late to pre-plan in such a circumstance.
    And when in that situation I would honestly just advise make yourself do something that you generally like.

    It's still better than sitting around doing nothing, and if it bores you then you at least will get some sort of thought like "This is dull, I'd rather do X" which will help nudge you in the right direction.
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