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  1. So last month was Anime Evolution for me and for those who don't know that's a Anime convention in Vancouver, British Columbia! I was able to get some photo shoots for my new Maid cosplay, I made a new DA starring my Cosplaying.

    Who else cosplays and if you do post a photo of your costume!

    Here is a photo of mine!
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  2. Once I get more money I will >.< Although me and my friend went to a convention and we used a handful of our training equipment (And bought a legit gun holster for a training gun) and he played as a modern assassin. He had an assassin creed hoodie, his shirt came with a mouth/nose filter thing, blue jeans, and a bunch of training gear all around him. A few training knives at his sock area (Being held by a ankle cast thing) Like 3 belts to get the gun at the side of his leg, 2 hidden blades for his arms, and I can't quite remember the rest XP

    It was funny, we were at the desk to get all our props approved and the girl found it funny how my friend just kept pulling more and more weapons out (I think I remember a few people to the sides just staring like "What the fuck...)

    The Saturday market was right by it so we were gonna get lunch and this guy that looked like he was from duck dynasty just turned around and started following him a bit with a certain face XD He then turned around when he realized I was with him. If my friend is so decked out, then why ain't I? And why would I be wearing a jacket on a hot day? What could I possibly be hiding?" So he turned around and thus, victory ^^

    Sadly I don't have a picture (That was when my phone camera SUCKED!) But i'll be sure to place it here next time he gets in his costume.
  3. I'd like to get into it, but I am decidedly craptastic with crafting anything. I have a few ideas, like Axton and Steve from Borderlands, Shay from Assassin's Creed Rogue, and Zant from Twilight Princess.
  4. It is a very easy hobby to get into, I'm going to custom order a joker and Harley Quinn (Arkham Knight) for my friend and to couple cosplay for next year.
  5. I cosplayed as Ike before.

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