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  1. Hello ladies and gentleRPers!

    Today I have a more unusual challenge for you. We all express what out character feels and thinks differently and that slowly builds a picture of who they are truer and more clearly than any character sheet can ever do. We've all been there, the circumstances of the RP mean our characters don't perfectly line up without our vision when we made the sheet.

    This challenge is designed to help you read the character behind the words, the objective is simple:

    Your Challenge: Read the post below and describe the character's personality and how YOU think they look, what YOU think their gender, age, etc... is.

    The sun on my skin tells me I'm outside, the smell points to the streets of the slums I call home. I don't want to open my eyes. I want to sleep another hour but the rumbling of my stomach bids me rise and seek nourishment. I am not the only one here overlooked by the governments, churches, and every other institution you care to name. They call us the invisible, faceless masses unloved and unwanted. Left to live in poverty and most of us steal from those with barely more that us to survive. That is what I am about to do.

    My bare feet splash in a puddle that I wouldn't risk using to wet my cracked lips as I poke my head out of the alley where I spent the night and immediately notice something wrong. There is no one on the street. The usual stall are there, shuttered and silent. A car, rusted and doorless stands derelict and silent. Gingerly I look the other way, towards the shining walls of the inner city and again there is no one.

    One word passes my lips as a chill runs down my spine. "Surreal."

    Past of me wants to play it safe, to retreat back into my alley and hide. To pinch myself and see if I'm dreaming but I know the growling on my stomach is real and it urges me out onto the street. It no one is here there's no one to stop me taking my fill is there? With the hair on the back of my neck prickling I proceed to the nearest stall and gently grasp the shutter to give it a test pull... and that's when I heart it. By the echos it is a fair distance away but the volume is the same as a drunk man shouting in your ear. The Slurp.
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  2. Hope this is what you were looking for:

    Early 20s
    Highly intelligent and probably well educated, His parents fell on hard times when he was young and he has sense been forced to live in the streets. He feels no remorse about stealing because it is necessary for survival
    Health conscious, he was wary of drinking puddle water.
    He’s very observant of what is around him, but also a bit reckless when it comes to getting what he wants, as evidenced by the fact that he went out into the empty streets even after noting how surreal it was.

    However, the fact that his feet were still bare implys that either shoes are not common, or those with shoes are too dangerous to challenge or steal from