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  1. this Game's pretty simple!

    1) pick a person or character who ANYONE WOULD KNOW, but sshhh! Keep it to yourself!

    2) people try to guess who you are by asking simple questions! Be sure to tag people when you ask them questions by using @username

    Try to pick identities that you can be confident almost everybody of various interests, locations, and age groups would at least know of. Harry Potter, Eminem, President Bush jr., Charlie Sheen, think big names and mainstream images! Don't be a smug reference douche :(

    Googling is a really lame way to win guessing games, so please don't <3

    I'll start, but we can have lots of people guessing and being guessed at the same time, provided we use the tag system to keep it organized.
  2. @Minibit

    Are they a fictional character?

    (Can we ask any kind of question except for "who are you?" or is it restricted to yes and no answer questions. Cause most times I've seen this game it has been yes and no answers only.)
  3. Any question except "who are you"

    And yes, fictional :)
  4. Are they from a book or movie/TV-series, or both?
  5. Any distinguishing features? (ie, ones that get commented on a lot or are subject to caricatures)
  6. Scary metal endoskeleton
  7. Is you a robot?
  8. Yes
  9. Is you a Terminator?
  10. Yes! :D

    Hasta la vista, baby! Anyone else have an identity to guess?
  11. I do I do!
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  12. Are you fictional?
  13. Which genre do you belong in?
  14. Where do you live?
  15. @Razilin then are you the hero/heroine?
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