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Do you enjoy creating new characters just because you can? Do you need a new character for your next story or roleplay, but you're not sure where to start? Do you enjoy using images to get the writing juices flowing? Do you just like hoarding character images? If so, this thread is for you, and anybody else who takes an interest.

Use the image below to create a character. You may use the optional form provided, create your own form, write an introduction for your character, or whatever else tickles your fancy or comes to mind.









Abilities and Skills:



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"It's hard to imagine someone like her leading the resistance, but then again it'd be even harder to imagine anyone else doing it."

[spacer]Katherine Reynard, known as Kat to most, is very much a product of the City. More specifically, a product of its rebellion. In an age where everyone and everything is tracked digitally, it's not difficult to think that there would be those who fought against it. Kat's parents were probably the most influential of the resistance's leaders, so her determination and charisma came naturally. In spite of the horrors of a homogenized society and Big Brother-style governing body, Kat somehow manages to stay cheerful and optimistic. Some might say it detracts from the war they fight, but most everyone agrees that her smiling confidence is a reassurance in these dark times.[/spacer]
"Oh wow, I remember this photo. It's amazing to think that even during all of this, we can still find and capture little moments of peace. That's the reason I fight - so these moments can be more than just a luxury."
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Generic Young Adult Fantasy Novel Opening

She couldn't believe her eyes! That whore Britney was kissing James right in front the entire school, knowing full well he was going out with her! Speechless and unable to move out of horror, she could feel every eye in the room turning from the scene to her and back again, audible gasps and snickers rose from the crowd. Many of them were even recording it with their phone.

Her face flushed bright red, and Amy stormed out of the gym with tears streaking down her face and her lips trembling, trying in vain to hold back the body-wracking sobs that shook her shoulders. She could barely see where she was going, her vision blurry from crying, until she could hear hurried footsteps catching up to her, and her arm grabbed by clumsy fingers.

James' face was pale and sweating, and he couldn't meet her eyes. "I'm...I'm sorry, I didn't know she was gonna do that. It was nothing, it was just a stupid dare. Amy, I..." He wasn't trying very hard to be convincing, and of course she didn't believe a word of it. Violently, she shoved him away and ran out of school, leaving James behind looking dumbfounded and guilty.

Alex found her some time later behind a stack of unused crates in the school's backyard, sitting with her knees held close to her chest and her face held down between her arms. Without a word, he sat down next to her, holding his backpack to his chest.

"Go away Alex." Amy said not raising her head, her voice muffled and half-choked from crying.

"C'mon Amy, it's just a stupid prank or something. I told you that guy is trouble, he's not worth crying over. I told you he was only going to..."

"STOP IT! JUST STOP IT!" The outburst came out of nowhere, all of her bottled emotion from the last few days, her parents getting divorced, her grandma's death and now this, all of it finally bubbled out of the cauldron and violently exploded. "You always tell me to do this and that! Why don't you just mind your own business! I don't like you, I will never like you! Stop trying to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ME!!" And as soon as the words left her mouth, she regretted them.

Alex's face was filled with surprise and distress. She had really hurt him this time, finally managed to push away the one person who had always been on her side. He had never tried to hide how he felt for her, she had always known but could never bring herself to mention it. Until now, when she used it to hurt him.

Wordless, Alex gathered his pack, slung it across his back and walked away, his shoulder drooping in misery. She wanted to call out to him, to say sorry, but instead she merely watched him go. Stupid, insolent, ungrateful bitch, she cursed herself. Lashing out at others for her own mistake, that's the way to go. Grow up, she screamed in her head, grow up and take responsibility for your own actions.

Amy fell asleep where she sat, her face full of tear streaks and her mind exhausted. Faintly, a soft, almost imperceptible light pulsed under her shirt in the shape of a pendant held by on a chain laced around her neck.

A shadow fled over her from for only a second, and when it had passed her face was clean and her hair tucked back.

"Sleep, baby girl. Much are expected of you, soon." the air seemed to whisper, a fading impression of a voice, until the wind swept all of its traces away.
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Name: Amber Grayson

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student (DUH)

Species: Human

Personality: Peppy and likable, very fun and funny to be around

History: Amber is a very popular girl in her high school. A member of the varsity cheer squad which is practically unheard of for a freshman, but her advanced gymnastics skills earned her the spot ousting a senior off the squad. She had good grades and a pleasant manner about her that made everyone like her, teachers and fellow students alike. Even people who were looking for reasons to hate her couldn't manage to find any aside from jealousy at everything she had. She was the daughter of the mayor and the conductor of the city orchestra. She was genetically gifted with beauty and brains as well as musical ability. It seemed there was nothing that could stop this young girl, but there was. She was a jealous person and somehow felt that other people had things that rightfully should be hers. Where these notions came from was anyone's guess, but her friends speculated that it was the pills she took to keep her weight under control. Or that was her reasoning behind taking them. It was apparent to those closest to her that everything about her changed after she started taking the pills, but Amber would not listen. She didn't feel there was any difference. But if she saw someone with a more slender figure, she'd take more. If she thought someone was stronger than she was, she'd take more and work out like a possessed woman.

One day she was found in the gym unconscious and taken by ambulance to the Emergency Room. They managed to save her life, but she was left in a very different state. She became non-verbal and lethargic. Her parents have tried therapist after therapist to bring their daughter back to them, but still she sits, staring at nothing...completely silent.

Equipment: cell phone, electric toothbrush and dental floss, make-up bag

Abilities and Skills: Above average grades, skilled gymnast, in good shape, strong

Strengths: can do advanced math in her head, comfortable with public speaking, cheerleader (Yes she considers that a strength), smart

Weaknesses: jealousy, can be petty, judgmental, is sometimes lazy about homework and studying since most things come too easily to her

Other: Birthmark on her right hip in the shape of a Salvador Dali melted clock.