EXERCISE Who Am I? || Week 11

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  1. Who Am I?

    Do you enjoy creating new characters just because you can? Do you need a new character for your next story or roleplay, but you're not sure where to start? Do you enjoy using images to get the writing juices flowing? Do you just like hoarding character images? If so, this thread is for you, and anybody else who takes an interest.

    Use the image below to create a character. You may use the optional form provided, create your own form, write an introduction for your character, or whatever else tickles your fancy or comes to mind.


    Optional Form (open)








    Abilities and Skills:



  2. Name: Lille Misner

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Head Custodian of Sable Fleet

    Species: Human

    Personality: An average-Joe, Lille goes through life the same way window shoppers go through malls. He's participating but he's not fully there. It may seem pitiful but he's accomplished a lot through his estranged relationship with the rest of the world. He rarely experiences anxiety or other trifling emotions so he handles problematic situations with ease. This has made it relatively easy for him to move up the ranks in his employment. Lille isn't disliked, but he isn't particularly well-liked either. He's that friend that isn't really a friend and more of an acquaintance or coworker—which suits him just fine.

    To go more in depth, Lille has fears and desires like everyone else. His sense of humor is not unlike a toddler's and he appreciates a good cup of coffee and a chat as well as the next person. It's just never been his precedent. Yes he may get a bit squeamish around tentacles or he might really really want to meet The Heliots, but he's always been able to categorize his emotions by level of importance. Lille is very much a man who thinks with his head before his heart and is prepared for any and all predicaments.

    History: The human race has been dwelling in space for centuries at this point and it's no longer a tremendous deal to work on a spaceship, thus Lille felt no dubiety about applying for a janitorial job on one. If it was a dangerous or elite profession he would've hesitated as he puts his safety first and dislike for central attention second. Lille was diligent and resourceful when it came to his work which was noticed by all. This led his quick rise to manager, supervisor, and finally director.

    Equipment: Mop and broom, but he also has a blaster in case of emergencies.

    Abilities and Skills: Bilingual, Mind Palace (of sorts-he's not super intelligent, just meticulous), and Proficient at handling a Blaster

    Strengths: Calm under fire, assiduous, possesses leadership skills, collaborative, and efficient at delegating tasks.

    Weaknesses: Judgmental, stubborn when he believes he knows the best course of action, inept in diplomacy, and a weak combatant.

    Other: The Sable Fleet mascot is a mink and that might've influenced his decision in joining them—he's weak for cute, tiny creatures.
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