Who Am I to Say?

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  1. I feel like the future stretches out in front of me
    Like I’m standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean
    I can’t know what lies beyond the ever rolling waves
    Be it an island, an uncharted land, or a paradise getaway
    But the waters are deep and the cliff is steep
    Will I survive if I jump headfirst?
    Or will I fumble and gasp for air until it seems like there’s nothing left?
    Or is there an invisible staircase stretching beyond my sight,
    Just waiting to guide me out and down to the water gently?
    Is there a boat beneath the cliff face that I can’t see?
    Does it lie just beyond my vision because I’m too scared to lean forward?
    Or if I continue along this cliff, will there be a path down its face
    That can safely get me to the water without feeling like I’m going to fall?
    Right now I feel like I’m jumping with a parachute
    It will help me on the way down,
    But when I hit the water, won’t it only hinder me?
    Won’t I tangle myself within the ropes and cloth?
    Or will it fall just out of my way, easy to detach?
    Only time and God may tell what lies ahead
    And who am I to say that this journey won’t be beautiful?