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  1. [​IMG]

    You're everywhere. This amused me. That is all.
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  2. No shit... I vas starting to think my optic-nerves vent haywire, with all the blue I'm seeing.
  3. Just wait. I'm going to post on all of the other forums too! ^.^
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  4. Yeah. I was surprised at all the blue I was seeing on General Chatting xD
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  7. You couldn't fill the entire page? Tsk.
  8. I think someone needs a time out ban MOHAHHAHAHHA
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  9. the blue too strong for me
  10. Oh, good, so it wasn't just my imagination.
  11. All of this is your imagination, you're in a deep sleep, being used as a human duracell by sentient toasters that apparently love to drill into the earth.

    You must wake up if you truly want to know the real truth.
  12. Someone watched the Matrix.

    Wait... Could the film 'The Matrix' exist in the Matrix?

    And how the hell are we batteries? We use more energy than we take in. Not to mention if we're in comas, we're not eating or drinking. But then again, we aren't using energy all that much...

    What is happening!
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  13. FUN FACT: Originally, the idea was that the robots created the Matrix in order to use the humans as processors, but the studio feared that the average movie-goer wouldn't understand the concept, so they changed it to batteries so that it would be easier to understand. :P (Even though, you're right, the idea of humans being used as batteries like the film describes really doesn't make a lick of sense.)
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  14. I've seen The Matrix and its two Remakes.

    Fuckin Wachowskis are dumb : /.
  15. Animatrix was awesome in my opinion.

    Especially The Second Renaissance.
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  16. Because no transfer of energy is ever 100% efficient, there is always bleed-off, and in the case of organisms, maintenance. Because SCIENCE!

    I'm just amused that the matrix universe decided humans were better than solar power because they fucked the atmosphere. Guess they never heard of oil, coal, or nuclear power. Or lithium batteries for that matter. I mean, atmosphere is already shrecked to shit, nothing stopping robots from shrecking it more.

    Robots that want humans for their unique biological minds though, that's another story...
  17. Going to post in all of the things?!
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  18. Yes, all of the things!
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