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  1. [...]I find the one that cries the best.

    I'm into MxM FxF FxM, Futa, Ladyboys and most anything else that you can think of.

    I post 1 paragraph to 3+ paragraphs. If I am given lots to react to, I will write just as much. I am very adaptive, but I will not play with anyone who only posts one liners. Two liners in the middle of a scene where the characters are constantly interacting (Conversations, sex, fights) I understand, but not as your general post length.

    I can whip up a character for most plots quickly, but I also have a few characters that I will post in the gallery that have specific plots or are a little more developed. I try to only use a character in one plot, but I can use a plot a few times over.

    My character is always listed first.

    All plots can be discussed, and all are open to any gender pairing you fancy.

    Current Cravings:
    - Assassin x Innocent (Not the target, maybe the targets friend, or a family member, or someone that interrupts the kill)

    - Assassin x Innocent (Not related to a job, someone that catches their eye on the street, and they begin to stalk)

    - Beast Master x Friend (The Beast Master raises all kinds of animals, and has a secret - they have an evil wolf spirit trapped inside of them)

    - Monster x Teenager (The Teenager is lost in a coma, and the Monster is a manifestation of the Teenager's fears and desires.)

    - Monster x Teenager (The Monster kidnaps the Teen and takes them to a world that few know exist)

    Something built around THIS character.

    Sleeper x YC - This one is a little vague, because it has so many possibilities. MC moves into a new town, which sits in either a magical rift (In a fantasy setting) or a time rift (in a scifi setting) and when MC goes to sleep, they wake up in another world. Now, this world can be anything we want it to be.
    **** A partner who wants to play multiple characters is preferred, because I am interested in playing both the "waking world" and the "dream world" ***

    Always open to PM's for general chatting and brainstorming. PMing me with your own cravings or plots is always encouraged.
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  2. Added a few more pairing ideas. Bumpity bump.
  3. Still lookin', added a new plot, shoot me a PM if you're interested.
  4. OMG, your into genres which please me greatly :D.

    I have an rp idea that I think you'd like! Especially since I see you had two monster x teen plots and that's exactly what my roleplay is aiming for lol.

    I am very much a paragraph rper, I've been known to write a book. If that bothers you I can tone it down but I find I get a bit ahead of myself at times ;-;.

    Feel free to shoot me a PM if your interested maybe!

    (( the girl in my signature is that main character of the aforementioned RP.))
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.