Which One is Easier: Writing a Novel or Roleplay?

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Which one is easier?

  1. Writing a Novel (Why?)

  2. Role Playing (Why?)

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  1. I'm curious; which one do you think is easier? Writing a novel or roleplaying?

    Personally, I'd have to say that roleplaying is easier, if only because I generally have trouble sticking to one plot for long period of time without a lot of plot twists, and when you're writing a novel, a plot twist may not always be appropriate. When you're roleplaying, though, you can almost always add plot twists. Really, I just don't have the dedication required to become an author.

    What about you guys? Do you think writing a novel or roleplaying is easier? Why?
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  2. I think writing a novel is easier, it's straightforward. You don't have to worry about waiting for replies. You know what's going to happen as far as plot twists, characters, and the overall ending of it.
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  3. Hmm, alright. I was worried this would be a one-sided discussion; glad to see that there are other opinions out there! XD
  4. Roleplaying for me, even though writing a novel is my number one dream. Mostly because I have a partner in crime who can help me out when I am in a slump.
  5. Role playing, always another person you can develop your world with!
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  6. I'm struggling to think of a way writing a novel would be easier than role-playing, tbh. Role-playing is just a hobby, and a relatively noncommittal one. There are some people who take it super seriously, but for the most part it's just a fun way to relax.
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  7. Roleplaying. Novels require a great deal of structure, rigorous editing, and a general grasp of whatever genre you are writing into. Role playing has no such quality controls--you can write about anything you want and never edit a damn thing and have zero comprehension of the genres you're writing in.

    As much as people bash novels like Fifty Shades of Grey and Twilight, even these books have more quality control standards than most role plays.

    Let that sink in.


    Or, y'know, just take one look at the Libertine/Liberteen section and try to read most of it with a straight face. That works too.
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  8. As far as plot cohesion, consistency, and fluidity goes, I'd say writing a novel. Everything else is a hearty win in the roleplay category.
  9. I'd have to say for the sake of inspiration and creating ideas and twists that RPs are easier.

    For the sake of writing I would say novels are easier. Everything is controlled by one person in a novel. The interactions between characters can be as perfect or imperfect as one desires. The incidents whether positive or negative can all lead to a known outcome. Everything flows more smoothly and little quirks and retorts that would pop up between interactions can more easily be shown.

    If RPs were ever published and sold, then I'm sure they would go through as rigorous a screening process as published novels. Not all novels are published and if we read some private novels some would probably be as bad as some of the RPs in the bedrooms.
  10. Roleplaying is about as easy as it gets when it comes to writing. You need a discipline which most don't even possess to write and finish a novel. Even if you do get to the ending, there's likely to be so many mistakes, or better ideas that you came up with, that you'll edit and rewrite large sections of it. Many professional writers rewrite their stuff several times. That's before it gets into the more in-depth editing.
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  11. writing a novel tbh

    • Don't need to wait for replies
    • Don't have to keep up with replies
    • You can create your own plot ideas, characters, settings and choose how you want the story to flow with ease, as you don't need to discuss and compromise
    • Go at your own pace
    • Don't have to worry about people dropping out because reasons
    And there you go :D
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  12. Roleplaying, because there is less expectation of it. And, there is more than one person to create it!
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  13. There are pros and cons to each and which one will be easier for you depends on your habits and personality and preferences and such.

    If you're talking about which one is easier to get done, as in to finish out a major plot and have a complete and final product to point to, that would go to novels. Roleplays have more than double the likely fault points at which things will fall apart and not reach a conclusion than novels do, and that's just talking about one on one roleplaying.

    If you're talking about easier to actually write stuff for it, roleplays probably win for most people. You have one or more other people presenting things for your character to respond to, so you can be very reactionary rather than needing to come up with things that happen ahead of time and handle all the characters to get events to your goal point.

    There are a lot more points I could go over, but I'm on my phone so nah. Generally speaking I think most people will find roleplaying easier because they have other people to lean on and the sense of obligation plus the fun factor of writing with others will make them more likely to actually write shit rather than dropping it.
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  14. Myself, personally, without the use of (insert substance anyone with a brain cell can guess here) that I'm prescribed for my ADD in a bit of a higher dose than usual, I'm not writing more than like 2-3 pages by myself.

    Now RPing I've always found easier. Something about the chaos and randomness that there is when two people have to communicate these scenes that are exclusive to just their imaginations. Then again, you could also get someone who uses l33t sp34k, and then that just sucks for a different reason all together.
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  15. Roleplaying is easier because the responsibility doesn't rest solely on one person most of the time. You get to plan out the premise, plot, structure, organization and characters together with a group or a partner. Even if you are a Game Master of a group roleplay, the story doesn't exactly move forward without your players' characters and character agency. You can't control everything that happens, even if you can put them in situations and in twists that they would have to react to.

    Writing a novel is much more demanding on your time, your schedule, and your resources. You have to consider the quality and standards you put into each and every word and sentence you write, and when you do this alone, you will write and rewrite everything over and over again before you even feel satisfied with your work. You have to brainstorm the characters, what comes next in the plot, are there plot holes to be covered up or resolved? You have to actually draw diagrams and graphs sometimes to keep track of information and keep your ideas connected and plotted out. Whereas if you have a partner to plan with, this would be easier, like in a roleplay.

    And yes, you have more freedom to write just about whatever the hell you want in a roleplay and get away with it if it makes you or your partners happy. There's that.
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  16. Novels. Because writing for yourself, you don't have to worry if someone doesn't like it, unless youre lucky enough to find someone like-minded, and love same kind of plots. Otherwise, the rp dies, people move on to the more popular, cooler rp, and you feel like shit because of failed rp's. Or when your idea gets dragged off into the wrong direction just because someone wants all the credit. Or worse, you have some sort of epic idea, and no one wants on the band wagon! Eesh. I prefer writing novels, series, fanfics, stories, whatevers, because I don't have to please -anyone-. I'm also one of those selfish people that got burnt too many times by rp partners, and well, life in general, so I just write my own things now. IF I get time for rp, cool, I'll join something, I mean I'm not all snobby-bitchy about rp groups or anything,Life has been really hectic, too crazy for me to rp, but I think I can rp at night, at least for a few more months. :)
  17. Roleplaying is easier for me, in my opinion. @Hana pretty much stated my reasons why haha! /lazy
  18. I kind of bounce between the two.

    With new characters its easier to write them in novel form because I can expand on them as necessary. In rp, I'm too scared that I don't depict them properly. Meanwhile characters I've had around awhile are much easier to roleplay with because they are already developed. Ask them anything and they can react quickly.
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  19. Roleplays. 1: because you are not in charge of everything. While this will slow you down and could have its problems, it can also be very liberating. I've been trying to write a book since 2012, and there's a surprising amount of stress in controlling every single detail of a story. It's worth it, absolutely, but it can sometimes take the fun out of the creative process. 2: feedback. Sometimes you don't know where you want a story to go. In roleplays you can bounce ideas and make sure things are going in a direction both are happy with. 3: as @Brovo said, there's not as much of a stress on grammar and spelling, or even in a logical story. A novel is serious. The creativity process is rewarding, but the writer's blocks are more common. With a roleplay you can have fun with it. Suspend logic. Write faster. Have a magical harem in the Redstar. Dues ex machina some aliens.
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