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  1. Why do I always come to the best RPs last when there are no more players needed or the RP has been already running for a while? Why do I always miss the best stuff? *whine, whine*
  2. Because you were meant to develop your own uniquely epic storyline and have people scrambling for spots in your cast. :)
  3. It's just bad timming, Returner. Besides you couldn't help being caught up in other stuff, it happens to the best of us. If you'd want, one of my RPs called Halo: Faith could use your attention. It's on the verge of dying and new members would be appreciated. :)
  4. I tried that but people here just don't understand my storylines no matter how epic they are ;D
  5. I will check it out Tenchi. Thanks for offering ;) But at the moment, I set my eyes on Iwakutsuki.