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  1. Hello everyone!

    Wanna sign up for this RP? No problem! All you have to do is...

    1) Copy and paste the character skelly below in to your reply box

    2) Fill out the designated areas

    3) Make it look unique!

    Available spots:

    Luna's (one spot left)

    1) Male ~ taken by @Kaz
    2) Male ~ taken by @embodiment.of.fire
    3) Female~ Taken by @Tooru
    4) Female ~ reserved for @Nay'ar

    Astra's (closed)

    1) Male ~ taken by yours truly :)
    2) Male ~ taken by @Chryse Zvezda
    3) Female ~ taken by @Lyra Meiko
    4) Female ~ taken by @Freakazoid Studios

    Character skelly

    I'll love you forever if you make it look nice!!

    (Header image or gif. A pretty picture, a cool gif, basically something to tone the skelly.)

    Name//age//sexual orientation//gender

    (Image or gif of character. This is an anime roleplay. Please try to use HD pictures or gifs.)

    Personality Traits:

    -:___, ___, ___ ; +:___, ___, ___

    (You can make it brief. No need for such a lengthy backstory since we'll be staying with each other for a while.)


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  2. That's a very unique lookin' character skelly. I like it. I hope this is okay.



    Simon // 17 // Gay // Male



    Personality Traits:
    - :
    Sociopath, Rude, Violent
    + : Weak spot for children and animals, Obedient, Flirty

    As one of the many, many orphans that roamed the streets of Luna, Simon grew up doing whatever was necessary to survive in the vast hellhole. Already disadvantaged by certain mental issues, that meant aligning himself with the most powerful figures of the island, becoming a sort of lapdog or puppet and doing whatever he was told. Now, even though he's no longer on the island, his sense of survival and absolute obedience is ingrained into his mind.

    As a sociopath, Simon doesn't think with his emotions. Instead, his thinking patterns follows his personal logic. Understanding the people around him is important to Simon, and so he often keeps close attention to anyone near him, taking note of things from habits to weaknesses, or personal 'buttons'. Things he can use against them when necessary.​
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  3. [​IMG]

    Ayla // 16 // Female


    Negative Traits: Ditzy, Gullible, Easily Scared

    Positive Traits: Kind, Motherly, Trusting

    Ayla is a typical Astra born girl. She is sweet, always wants to help others, and always tries to do her best. She values her education, although she is not very smart, so she wants to be a house wife and a mother when she gets older. She lives with a very loving family. They consist of her mother, father, two younger brothers, one younger sister, and an adorable kitten. She loves the idea of having a big family when she is older, and she also loves making lots of friends whenever she can. When she was offered the opportunity to help kids her age from Luna, she said yes quickly out of the goodness of her heart.

    Ayla is quite innocent as well as being kind. She never curses or says anything crude. She really loves instrumental music, which is the only thing she listened to. She also loves to sing and has a very lovely singing voice.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Harriet James//17//Female


    Personality Traits

    -:Incredibly Shy, PTSD, Sickly ;
    +:Book Smart, Caring, Helpful

    Harriet grew up a sweet Astra girl with a loving family of two parents and a library of books. She planned to become a librarian but an incident occurred three years into her internship (she was 14 at the time) and she can no longer step foot there. Now she spends her time helping out with little children or holing up in her home library.

    Harriet is severely allergic to peanuts.

    Harriet James

    - Hair Color
    Her hair is bubblegum pink. Like this text.

    - Hair Style/Length/Texture (widow's peak? bangs? soft? fine? thick?)
    Harriet has long bubblegum pink hair that goes down to her waist. It is most often worn in two low ponytails (pigtails) and is tied with purple bows. She has long bangs that rest on her eyelashes.

    - Eye Color
    Her eyes are magenta.

    - Shape/Look of Eyes (eyebrows, cat eyes? sleepy eyes? wide eyes?)
    She has slender, elegant eyebrows and wide eyes that are either frightened or trying their hardest not to cry.

    - Shape of the Face/Head (cheekbones, etc)
    She has an oval face and somewhat small head, but that's probably because she's small. She doesn't have very defined cheekbones. Instead she has chubby cheeks.

    - Mouth
    She has a smallish mouth and bright pink lips.

    - Nose
    A button nose

    - Chin
    A rounded chin to match her baby face.

    - Ears (shape? piercings?)
    Harriet has small round ears.

    - Hands
    Harriet's hands are pale and small and almost always shaking.

    - Feet
    She has tiny feet.

    - Chest and Hips
    Harriet has almost no curves to speak of. She's very thin and has no broadness to her shoulders or chest.

    - Boobs and Penis

    - Height

    - Weight
    Her weight changes frequently but stays within the range of 90lbs to 98lbs

    - Skin Color & Complexion
    Harriet is always ghostly pale because of her constant sickness. The only color she ever really gets is from fevers, over exertion or blushing.

    - Race/Species
    She's a human.

    - Skin Texture (Soft skin, rough skin, scaly, furry, dry, bumpy)
    She has soft, smooth skin. It's dry.

    - Fur/Scales/Other? Colors? Feel? Coarseness?

    - Body Shape/Build (Thin and lanky, round and fluffy, pudgy, muscular)
    Harriet is thin but she is lanky by no means.

    - Posture
    Because of how she was raised, Harriet has impeccable posture.

    - Distinguishing Features (that set them apart from others or might be unusual or special)
    Nothing I can think of.

    - Tattoos, birthmarks, scars
    She has mental scars but those aren't visible.

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  5. untitled_by_shilin-d5kia1c.jpg

    -ruth// 16 //female


    + : good at handling stress,works well in a group (although she hates being in a group due to her anti social nature), deals with matters in a subjective manner.

    - : short tempered ,does not trust others expecting their betrayal at anytime,a lone wolf.

    Background: back in luna island she was part of a lawless gang.She trusted her members a lot and treated them like brothers and sisters.Due to the tragedy that struck luna island all the gang members died-except for her.Ever since she decided to lock her heart form anyone else and walk the path of life solo.

    Questions for tephany:

    1) What is your favorite color? Gray

    2) Do you believe it's okay to tell a lie and under what circumstances? I lie when it will save my ass, simple.

    3) What things might you be asked to do that you hate doing but do anyway?back in luna, I was made to do stuff like attack random houses and steal whatever I could from inside...sometimes things got violent-really violent.That never made me feel good..

    4) If you could describe yourself in one sentence, what would you say? hmm..not someone you want to mess with
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  6. "I don't know, maybe it's just me. But do you honestly believe we're a wasted youth? If anything, I think we're the ones who see the most clearly. Clearly enough to know we are worth it."


    Hunter Brennus // 18 // Male // Sapiosexual or Pansexual


    Personality Traits:

    - : Gets painfully embarrassed frequently, Anxiety prone, Awkward

    + : Generous, Loving, Sweet



    As you may have guessed by his Personality, Hunter is just another influenced Astra boy. But what you might not have guessed is that he was originally from Luna, and he was brought to Astra through the same program. His parents had left him after a teen pregnancy, and he would've died if it hadn't been for the C.A.T program. He was brought to Astra and given his happy-go-lucky cookie cutter parents. They managed raise him well, but couldn't rid all of the trauma he had crammed inside of him. Many years later to the time of the recent Storm, Huter found out about the Luna's coming to Astra just as he did. This was his chance to be apart of something he knew so well and to help those who had lost everything--but there was a problem. He would do anything but that. Inevitably his parents forced him in to doing it, so now he has no choices.



    Hunter is obsessed with candy and cute things.

    He's attracted to people by either their intelligence or by what kind of person they are.

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  7. [​IMG]



    Personality Traits:
    -: Sociopath, cynical, cold;

    +: Realist, sincere, straight forward

    Freya was born with different colored eyes and lived in Luna with her brother struggling to survive. Their parents ignored her (as they thought she was worst than bad) and her brother took care of her from the start. Her brother was different from Luna's folks: he cared. They had friends who attended school (more like skipping lessons to drink or smoke) that passed on to them textbooks, as a result Freya can write and read. She learned to play guitar and handycraft (to get to the end of the day) while her brother resourced to sell drugs. He forbid her to use them and to drink alcohol. One day she was attacked by a group of her brother's fangirls insulting and screaming "It's your fault if he's dead! You were bad from the start!" they tried to get her left eye out, scarring it badly.
    She was picked up at the edge of a street by C.A.T. half a year after that incident and was taken to Astra.

    She can play the guitar (very well), she is really able with her hands (handycraft, stealing), she's a misogynist with a pretty passive lifestyle (she does what she's told, when she's told)
    Her left eye (amber colored) is usually covered by her hair and it's 75% blind.
    She can't forgive herself for her brother's death and finds relief only in her guitar.
    Once a day she writes a letter and puts it away without sending it.​
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  8. "A caged bird can be peaceful and have free reign in his cage, but even then, the cage still has its restraints."


    Fay Gagliarrdo//20//Pansexual//Male


    Personality Traits:

    -:Overprotective, usually late, awkward; +:Caring, helpful, intelligent



    Fay was born in Astra, raised by one of the richest families that lived there. He was always treated with utmost respect by the other residents, even as a child. He has a 16-year-old younger sister, named Saori, that he is often seen watching over. Though he is very hospitable and possesses the qualities of a great leader, he's still a bit mysterious when not tending to anything. He has a lot more on his mind than can be seen from his outward behavior, though he has yet to tell anyone what he's truly thinking...



    He's outwardly a nice person, but his inner self is more of a troubled soul. No one would be able to make note of this though, as he masks his true thoughts quite well.

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  9. Can I reserve the last spot in the RP (Male Astra)? I have a lot of homework to do, so I can't really fill the skelly out with my normal quality.
  10. Yes, absolutely!
  11. Oh, but did you mean from Luna? That's the only spot thats left
  12. Oh, yes, sorry for the mix-up. I'll try to get the form done an hour or so later.
  13. OKAY PEOPLE! THIS RP WILL BE STARTING SOON! More specifically, I would like to start this on Friday because of my current school situation -_- I'll tag all of you in the thread and provide a link and all that Jazz, so no one will be left behind in this RP! @embodiment.of.fire , feel free to post your character skelly anytime between now and then. If there are any complications, please PM me. Arigato Gozaimas! *\(^o^)/*
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  14. image.jpg

    Adonis || 19 || Transgender (F to M) || Male

    「Even the past that she loved with all her heart, she had taken into her hands and torn it all apart.

    - : Untrusting, abrasive, easily annoyed
    + : Adamant, ambitious, and hardworking

    「One day there was, on these twilit city streets, a lone angel, who was lost and very weak.」

    Backstory: Angelica hated being a girl. She felt uncomfortable in her own skin, and when she looked in the few reflective surfaces there were on Luna (at least where she was), all she saw was a stranger. To change herself would require an imposing amount of money. But she would do it.

    Angelica worked for seven years after deciding upon this to earn just enough money to perform the surgery and continue surviving.

    Luckily, there was an Astra philantrophist who was indeed a surgeon on the island, albeit very far away.

    So Angelica traveled on foot, and the result was worth it.

    Despite losing most of his money, the new Adonis was determined to succeed.

    Just when things were smoothing out financially...the island of Luna was destroyed.
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  15. Beautiful, all of your characters are perfect as perfect can be!!! I'll start the RP very soon, so be prepared! Thank you all for your support c:
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  16. Will there be a posting order?
  17. The spot was already taken a few days ago..
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  19. [​IMG]



    Personality Traits:

    -:Coldhearted, Selfish, Uncaring ; +:HOT, Hardworking, Strong

    Yogi was raised by one of the only nice people on Luna, his grandmother. But a short while after his fourteenth birthday, he came home and found her murdered and decapitated. It a fit of rage he set his entire neighborhood on fire, tracked down her killers and strung their heads on a clothes line.

    Yogi prefers cold weather

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