Where's Lily?

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  1. While you and your friends were all still in elementary school, you found out that all of you had to move to different cities for high school so, you all agreed to meet every year over summer to hang out for a month and thus not grow apart. You have been doing this ever since then and you have graduated high school. Next will be college and it will become even harder for everyone to meet so this year the trip to meet is even more important than usual. Finally the day comes for you to meet in the town right in the middle of where everyone has moved to and you all arrive… except one.

    ‘Little Lily’ you would call her because she always seemed to be the smallest and seemingly youngest of the group. She was like the younger sister you all wanted but never had and really had a large place in all of your hearts. She was so close to everyone and would never miss the trip to see you all yet she has… At first you all shrug it off as her simply being late… then you think she might have gotten the days mixed up… and then, the more days that pass and Lily doesn’t come everyone begin to fear she doesn’t want to be friends will you all anymore.

    You called her friends at her new school and they say they haven’t seen her since the day she was supposed to leave so you call her family and they too say she’s left to meet everyone like planned but she hasn’t arrived yet. No one has seen her since she left and no one knows where she could or would be.

    After a week her car is found abandoned in a parking lot halfway to the meeting spot. Nothing is wrong with it, it’s in perfect condition and simply looks like she stopped at the store to pick something up on her way but she never came back. Once the car is found and your group reports her as missing, the police look for her but come up with nothing. The entire group agrees that they need to find her; she has always been so small that anything could happen to your little Lily.

    You begin your search with a simple question: “Who was the last person to see and speak with your lost friend?”

    The whole group has something to contribute be it strength, classroom smarts, street smarts, technology, money or something else, you all have something to add to the group and will willingly do everything in your power to find Lily.

    This is a mystery rp (and even I’m not very sure what should have happened to Lilly, any suggestions?) so get your detective hats on because you will find your friend if it’s the last thing you do.

    Age: (17-19)
    What you contribute to the search:

    My character
    Name: Kaela
    Age: (17-19) 18
    Gender: Female
    Personality: protective, tough, kind, sarcastic, doesn't like being told what to do, even though she has a lot of money she doesn't act like it
    What you contribute to the search: Money
    Bio: She had been born into a poor family because her father was an inventor but could never create something useful and that people would buy. When she was a sophomore in high school he finally created something popular; a new flavor of ice cream. Because of this her family became pretty wealthy and didn’t try to save any of it, her father said ‘I made this money so we could spend it, not save it’ and taught his daughter to do so too. This didn’t mean that she didn’t know the value of money she just wouldn’t hesitate to spend it if needed.
    Other: She has yet to tell her friends of her family’s wealth
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  2. Name: Alice Hart
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Alice is eccentric. She has a tendency to go off into her own little world. When dealing with others, she is very friendly. She has no problem opening up quickly to strangers.
    What you contribute to the search: A knack for photography and a keen eye for detail.
    Bio: Alice's father left her mother before she was born. Though she often wondered what having a father was like as a child, she was perfectly fine with living with just her mom. One day, her mother came home from work (as a costume designer for a local theater) to inform Alice that she had met someone and was planning on marrying him. They moved because he got a job acting in a more prestigious theater, not to mention Alice had a opportunity to attend a school for the arts.
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