Where was the US Navy born?

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  1. damn it rory it 404'd. and everyone knows it was created in Gods image anyway
  2. Tell it on the mountain!
  3. That Marius is Heresy and you Know it, The Army was created in gods image and the navy is an imperfect copy created by man.
  4. revoke that statement sir! i will deputize the submarine force and send them after you
  5. [video=youtube;KR7hPXzjmA4]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KR7hPXzjmA4[/video]

    yeah son, what naow?!?!?!
  6. I don't get how you can take pride in getting called seamen.
  7. Thank you darkness, Thank you.
  8. Darkness: idk what you're talking about. i'm a sailor with a badge so we stay on land and party with the army chicks and female corpsmen. you should ask arsenal. lol
  9. You party with army sluts? -1 point for marius
  10. almost every military chick i've met so far have been sluts to some degree. try having your base be a boot camp AND A-school. the only perk is that you know the chicks that are new there are STD-mostly-free
  11. Then there's always that one douche Marine that fucks it up for you.
  12. somehow they always end up folded up in a corner by either us or the seabees. the male FMF corpmen even don't take kindly to that happening