Where my demons hide

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  1. I never Deserved this....
    All because of one simple Mistake... Why..?


    "My name is Lilith... "

    I'm Rezikiel

    "I'm 18 years of age, and I am a christian."

    Im an angel, casted inside this woman's body

    "I'm usually quiet, and I don't say much. Im currently in college, trying to get a degree"

    Because of a simple mistake...

    "I own a rather small apartment, which I share with one of my friends Jasmine"

    My angel wings were plucked off....

    "I also have a part time job, I'm a waitress at a bar."

    I grew more... But they were black wings.

    "I usually go out with my friends every friday, and I met this interesting guy."

    I'm trapped.... Chained.... Hurt... And Scared.

    "He said I was special, he said I was an angel, of course I laughed and said thank you. But he literally meant it."

    Your the only one who can help...
    Please, don't make the same mistake I did.

    "I did something stupid, I laughed at him again , until his eyes turned red and I started to run."

    If you don't act soon... I- I'll turn into a demon. Please, don't let it happen.

    "Thats when I ran into someone else."

    Time will run out... Act fast my brave one.

    "And that's how I ran into you." Lilith waved a hand to your face, but you were still thinking about that dream.... About a crying girl.... You started to hear her voice as Lilith talked. You blinked and smiled at her apologizing.

    The image flashed againas you blinked. You excused yourself to go to the bathroom to cool off and try to understand what the heck was happening. You stared at yourself in the mirror before washing your face and sitting back down with Lilith.
  2. Dontay
    Age: 18
    Species: Demon
    (No one knows he's a demon)

    Dontay frowns as he appears lost by what Lilith had just said "Okay...run this by me again...I'm confused." he lied he ccouldn't stop thinking about his dream.

    "Who is this Rezikiel...and why am I getting dreams about you...can angels become my kind?"

    He thought curiously .
  3. (( Alrighty then))

    She Sighed and rolled her eyes. "My Name is Lilith. Hopefully you got that part. And theres this Creepy ass guy that I met... He Said I was an angel... Then His eyes glowed red and then I ran... Bumping into you." She explained
  4. Dontay 'ohs' and playfully thumps himself on the side of his head "That last part just confused me...a man with red eyes? Sounds like something off that show Supernatural .

    "Sounds like a demon...I don't think angels have red eyes...maybe it's Lucifer in disguise."

    "You think it was a demon?" He asked curiously.
  5. She Laughed "I dont think Demons would walk the earth. God Forbids them to." She said.

    Help... The Voice rung in her head once again. She Bit her lip getting annoyed the fact that the voice kept on talking inside of her head. "Gimme, A second..." she said getting up and going to the bathroom.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.