Where have you been all my life?

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  1. Hey there!

    I only just stumbled upon this site, and it couldn't have been at a better time. I sorely need some source of inspiration and more brains to suck drybounce ideas off of as I'm in the process of building a world that is supposed to act as the foundation of a book series I intend to write (and build a forum around). I have some ideas and general know-how since I've been into worldbuilding for a while, but I'm raising the bar quite significantly this time around since this isn't just another tabletop group I'm going to appeal to, and then I can't just bullshit my way through the game and call it a story.


    I'm Swedish. Born and bred. English is, as such, not my native language. I'm 22, coming up on 23 in a few months, and I've been active in various kinds of roleplaying communities for just over ten years. I've gone between forum RP, MMORPGs, LARPing and tabletop RP and dipped my toes in a many different genres. I've been around, so to speak.

    Despite that, I hate everything I do, ever, and am never happy with my own creations! Very harsh self-critic.

    I've been told that I'm friendly and fun to be around, but I'll leave that up to you. I endeavour to be calm, patient and understanding and I hate the idea of not getting along with everyone ever. I also love to just hang out with people, so feel free to hit me up anytime.

    I'm terrible at introductions. They never come out right.


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  2. Hello Kylalden, welcome to Iwaku! I hope you have an awesome stay here! ^_^
  3. Hey there, Kylalden :D. Welcome to Iwaku, I hope you enjoy your stay.

    There are tons of interesting stories around and the community is full of friendly faces, so don't worry too much about not getting along with folks.
  4. B-but... I want to get along with all the folks! c:

    Thank you for the welcomes!
  5. Like group games AND you're looking to improve upon world building and such? My brother, do I have the thing for you! Also, obligatory welcome to the site, feel free to take @Diana's cookies.
  6. You have a thing for me!? Ooooh!

    And yes, I will help myself to all the cookies.
  7. But remember..- do no Feed the Bunnies !!
    - whispers in the dark side while petting her ovetsized Tiger- fu fu ~

    Welcome to the Madness ^^
  8. Yep! But the real question is, are you looking for a fantasy game that has a level of detail that rivals that of something Wizards of the Coast or Paizo would put out?
  9. I've seen you in chat before, Kylal, but welcome to the site! :D
  10. *stares*





    Don't leave me hanging. Give it to me. :c *grabby-hands*
  11. My net is killing itself on my laptop so im responding by phone. See that lovely banner in my signature? That's be the place! :D
  12. I will definitely check it out! A bit heavy on the prior information, but that doesn't deter me. :)
  13. That is because we want our world to be amazing! Actually, I am in the process of making an auxiliary site to organize all of that information for ease of player use.
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