Where have they gone?

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  1. They say we weren't the first ones here; they speak of the ones before. The Ancients. They say the built incredible cities; It was said their lives were so different then ours. That they built ships that went into the stars, that was until a darkness came, and their cities turned to graves. They're cities began to fade away; and in their place came new life. One by one, the others began to come to this land. Some small and humble, others as powerful as kings. They say my people were the first, the first to search for the Ancients; the first to hunt and raise our weapons, the first to look for help to repair our world. For this world was never truly ours, its a dangerous balance between us and The Lost. The stories dont tell us were the Ancients went; but they do warn us that this balance will not last.

    So as you can see; this is quite short. I have a major plot I wish to do; and have it planned in rounds so that this can be neatly finished in a timely manner. I have a few ideas that I'll shoot out if anyone is interested; but if anyone has questions please feel free to ask.​
  2. Hey~hey!!

    Like I have no idea what is going on but I ♥ the tone fo'sho,, bruh!!

    Kay so like just the reg questions re:

    Post freq, post level req, can we play multi~charries, free~roam vs plot, and Max number RPers?

    And so like how science-fiction~y is this gunna be? Like is it gonna hurt Boo's brain? Huh? Is it? Will it make us try to grasp the amazing concept of entropy!!~OWW!!flees!~
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  3. I would like a post a day, if not at least a decent length post once a week. Multiple characters are fine, and they're will be wiggle room as the plot moves forward. I also want like 6-10 RPers.
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  4. Entropy is scary y'all. One day, Entropy will be so high that there'll be no energy left in the universe and it'll fade into nothingness. Literal nothingness. Not even dust. True story.

    Anyway, this sounds cool, I'd be up for it. What kind of tech levels are we looking at? I'm assuming we'd be playing Others looking for the Ancients?
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  5. Tech levels will vary; since this will be kinda tribal, each tribe can have different tech. Like my tribe is going to have some of the old world tech; highly advanced bows that aim themselves, a guard drone, and even a few other pieces of tech.
  6. Interested.
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  7. Sounds cool to me.
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