Where Do Your Characters Live?

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    Have you ever pictured what type of place your characters live?
    I find it useful at times to have a reference for some things, or just an idea of where my character lives, to help me feel more connected to them.
    Someone showed me this site and I've loved it for this purpose.

    Have you considered the spaces where your characters live - the designs, dimensions, and all that?
  2. Kitti just gave me the most awesome toy ever. o_______o

    I always have a picture in my head of where my characters are living and what their space looks like. 8D Sometimes, if I really love a character (or I get really bored) I go looking for reference pictures just for the fun of showing off what their style of living space would be.

  3. I did this in the past with my main story's main character. I need to re-do it, but this tool may be very useful indeed.
    After I figure out how to navigate the site and such. :D This is awesome! Thanks, Kitti~!
  4. I honestly am too lazy to go that far with my characters. In fact, describing what their houses, apartments, castles, etc. look like is one of my least favorite things to do. xD So I'll make it as brief as I can, usually.

    This one time though, I designed a floor plan for a character's laboratory. *shrugs*
  5. Sims.

    I abuse the fuck out of that game to make my characters interact, build their homes, jobs, pets, omg... Lurrrrve it. So yes I've basically come up with the interior of homes and the like.
  6. all the tim I used to use a 3d modiler to do it and draw it and map it out, but i stopped after people basically said 'they don't care' so sadly... i don't anymore. but i sitll think heavilya bout it.
  7. Dante lives in his shop called the Devil May Cry!
  8. Where my characters live is really more about which world they live in,
    as opposed to what kind of establishment they live in, so... WALL OF TEXT, GOGO! xD

    My characters (all 30+ of them @_@;) live in a setting where spontaneous dimension-hopping is both possible & common place. They generally travel back & forth between two dimensions, which are simply called the "OldWorld" & the "NewWorld".

    The OldWorld is a single nature/element-themed continent, based on a mix of Renaissance & Victorian themes, where pretty much any/all traditional fantasy creatures exist. (ie, elves, goblins, angels, demons, anthromorphs, undead, etc.) There are many territories on the continent, each based on a different real-world climate/culture, that are separated only by the natural terrain around them.
    There is quite a lengthy story behind the OldWorld, which is still in production. Basically, it was once threatened by a very powerful demon entity. Fate then called for a group of 7 varied heroes to meet. These heroes eventually defeated the demon, but then mysteriously disappeared.

    9 of my characters came from this world. 2, lived in castles, 1 lived in a mansion, 1 lived in a temple/cathedral, 3 lived in a forest, 1 lived in some underground ruins, & one generally stayed in taverns or camped out as he constantly traveled.

    The NewWorld is pretty much just one gigantic city, based on a futuristic high-tech "Neo" Tokyo, where the balance between the existence of humans & non-human creatures has shifted to favor the non-human creatures. Thus, this world is currently in the midst of a war to regain a balance. Generally, the days are bustling with business as usual; But once the moon rises, the clubs are packed & two pseudo-military organizations are at each others' throats.
    These organizations are the "SNRD" (pronounced "snared") & the "ARMS". On the side to both organizations competing for the lead in supernatural research, The SNRD allows its non-human minions illegal use of smuggled technology to commit malicious hate crimes against humans, while the ARMS recruits both human & non-human soldiers to confiscate illegal tech, defend what's left of human-kind, & fight for the general good cause.
    The story of the NewWorld is also still in production: A god-in-human-form was discovered & its power abused by an underground cult, for the purpose of summoning an ancient evil; However, when the energies of the god & summoned evil collided, like a magnet, the energies began to pull heaven & hell towards each other. This nearly caused the world in between to collapse, but it was saved, last minute, by some "misplaced" heroes of legend.

    Some of my characters still live in the OldWorld, while most of the rest now live in the NewWorld. A few live in random places within the city, including one with a nice tower-top condo, while some have enlisted in the ARMS & live at work. Most of the rest live together, a few miles out of the city, in a large mix-matched mansion that they built themselves.

    As far as the layouts & whatnot go, I've got a pretty detailed image in my mind of most of what these places, from both the OldWorld & NewWorld, look like. Some are just based on real-world places I've seen, or similar mix-matched stuff from Anime/Manga & videogames. The NewWorld mansion is almost a copy/paste/stack/expand of my friend's dad's house. lol xD ...But I've never thought to actually go through & blueprint the layouts of these places. Well, I'd made a variation of the tower-top condo in Sims, but other than that... Hmm... I believe this is something I need to add to my list of future world-building projects! :3