Where do you internet?

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  1. We all have to hang out somewhere else beside here, right?... Right? So where else do you internet? Places like Reddit, 4Chan, FunnyJunk, 9Gag, Memecenter... and so on.

    If you are a Redditor or 4Channer, what subreddits/boards do you go on most often? Which ones do you dislike?
    Why do you go there?
    Any places you don't like?
  2. I used to be a redditor, now I just checkout r/builddaily when I'm bored in minecraft. I quit because I got tired of the fedora neckbeards with pseudo-intellectual conversation, and the hivemind maniuplating the vote system.

    Now I hang out mostly on here, and I check Facebook a couple times a day because it's my main way of keeping in touch with my family. www.Springhole.net is another common haunt of mine; I CANNOT get enough of that site; it inspires me to keep learning and striving for perfection :3
  3. Personally, I myself go on 4Chan. Honestly I think its a great place, and I like the posting style. It's always something new and fresh (sometimes), it's just easy to find something you are into. Boards I like are /ck/p/g/, because they all pertain to things I like (duh). Boards I dislike are /mlp/b/r9k/mlp/mlp/mlp/seriouslyihatemlp/.

    HOWEVER NOTHING IS SACRED. I detest Reddit. Absolutely hate it. The only safe subreddits from my everflowing river of hatred are r/birdswitharms and r/photoshopwars. I just never liked the place. The posting is all wonky and retarded, the people are just even worse. Ugh. It's extremely biased too, the whole up/downvote system. Eugh.

    It really all just comes down to personal preference. Mine just happens to be the worst.

    Fuck. Reddit.
  4. I interwebs here, Listverse, occasionally Facebook because of friends and family but I spend most of my time gaming, not browsing. >w>;
  5. I'm literally always on Facebook since I don't have a phone, so it's the best way to contact me. I don't post all that much, but I always have it open in a tab. Otherwise, I've just recently gotten into Reddit, I frequent /tg/ /ck/ and, sadly, /v/ on 4chan, and then there's tumblr, YouTube, and... I guess that's it!
  6. I am a bum haha. I'm either on here, reading a webcomic, or wasting my life on tvtropes finding either new games to play or webcomics to read...
  7. I am internet on Quotev, Steam, or just plain out surf anime at pinoyanime.tv
    And of course, there's the occasional gaming threads and topic here and there that I rant furiously on.
  8. @Scrap Iron Yeeeeahhhh /ck/ is the best

    @MattyIce Stop being a bum and go explore >:C
  9. I check facebook daily to keep up with peoples.

    I am currently obsessed with Flight Rising

    I regularly snoop through /tg/

    That's it. o____o I am too busy with Iwaku to really go anywhere else.
  10. I like to read about movie news on Cinema Blend, and I like to read about general nerdy news on Geek Tyrant. (Huh, guess mostly I just read stuff.) Other than that, Facebook, and Iwaku, I just spend time on my online classes. I try not to spend hours on mindless web surfing so that my family feels like I'm paying attention to them. My step-dad and past 2 boyfriends constantly neglected me for their computers. >>; That, I do not want to put my son through.

    When I need some silliness, I go to Macromeme for the random images.
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