Where Do You Do Your Best Thinking?

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  1. Ranging from creative things, like stories and plot twists, to the serious things in real life - where do you do your best thinking?

    For me it's in the shower, and it has to be when I am showering, not taking a bath. I don't know why, normally enclosed spaces make me nervous, but the shower actually makes me think of stories and fresh new ideas. It's also where I mull things over, aside from when I'm sleeping. (Yes while I'm sleeping I seem to be thinking as well, it's an odd quirk that I have.)

    What about you? Do you perhaps think about things when you're on the toilet? Maybe in the car? I wanna know!​
  2. Bed.

    Which is a problem when I get a good idea.
  3. In my head.
  4. Anywhere I have time and space to think, really. xD.
  5. There is no best PLACE for me. My mind is a constant breeding ground of bunnies! D:

    However, there is a best ~WAY~ for me. I need to be alone or at least have no one talking to me or making loud noises around me. My creative process shut downs completely when there's people in my space or a lot of distracting noise. x__x
  6. staring out the window of a long car/bus ride, in bed laying awake, listening to music at ANY point in the day, or sitting bored somewhere. XD i have lots of places i come up with ideas at. usually, they're in inconvenient periods where i can't actually write them down. and my memory is atrocious. XD
  7. I am similar to Malkuthe and Diana in that ideas can attack me any place and any time, and I am able to think of characters, plots and ideas anywhere. However, I think that the best of my ideas come when I sit down in silence and start thinking, but then, I also have eureka moments in the middle of the street, which causes everyone to look at me weirdly.
  8. For me, characters just sort of attack me at random times and demand that I develop them and give them a story. I feel more inspired to write those stories when I'm outside, especially on nice days/nights, or when I have found a character that I love more than usual. Where I can think the easiest depends on how many people are there and what I'm hearing. If there are a lot of people (a lot meaning more than two, in this case,) and/or if there is noise that distracts me, I can barely function. But if I am in a comfortable space with silence or music with very few people around, it is much easier for me to think and write.
  9. Deep in sleep, where I don't even know I'm thinking in the state of mind I'm in.
  10. It ALWAYS happens when I have gone to bed -_-' Or if I'm up to twelve and are about to turn off my computer. ALWAYS!!!
    And I must write it down immediately or else I'll forget it o.O So when I'm done writing then it's probably five in the morning and I'll have to kick myself in the butt because I were so stupid and didn't go to bed xD

    It's the same with music, everytime I come to think about a song I wanna write I am already in bed and if I go out of bed then I will be too awake to sleep when I get back. Also it would be bad if I woke up my parents by playing on the keyboard and humming all night xD
  11. To be honest, every place I go to is a good place for thinking because I'm always high from medical marijuana. v__v; It's like a magic trick. I can think or do anything because I'm too fucking happy to care. My mind is especially active when I'm at the store or some other place with a lot for me to analyze. I've come up with so many questions, answers, ideas and reminders that way.


    I'd have to be the best of all in my case is the mall... XD There are so many things to sense, all the different stores, food, people for me to 'observe'...
  12. I do my best thinking when doing repetitive work. I think of rps and the games I'm in and my characters, it really helps pass the time when doing insanely mundane tasks, of which there are too many in my life and at my job > <