Where do i post Sign Up Threads?

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Hello, Im still a bit new, I would like to know where do I post sign up threads. I deleted my old account and I forgotten. Its been a few months and I just came back, can anyone help me?


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There are signup sections for each of the genre subforums (Say, for example, Index -> Group Roleplay -> ModFan -> ModFan Signups)!

There's also the Interest Checking and Creation forum if you're not ready to post an OOC and/or IC, yet, and just want to get some players together!

If you're into 1x1s, the General Partner Request section is the place for you! If you want to request partners for a particular genre, just check out the appropriate section and look for the subsection (Index -> One On One Roleplaying -> Adventure -> Adventure Partner Requests)! :D
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