Where do I find this ._.

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  1. So..I'm new here and I've explored the site some, but I'm not sure of where to find a specific kind of RP >_<. I really enjoy the supernatural vampire romance type, but can anyone tell me where to go? Or does it depend on the time settings or something? I'm so confused D:
  2. If you are looking for a one on one or mature roleplay, just go directly to those sections and make a partner request! (Or see if someone else has already requested a partner for such a plot!)

    If you're wanting to do a GROUP roleplay, supernatural vampires would probably be Modern Fantasy!
  3. Ah ok gotcha. Also, could you give me a quick 101 on these Allegiances that I see around like yours?
  4. Those are just for fun for the people who are playing or reading the Ilium Mass roleplay! :D you get to pick your favorite, even if you are not in the roleplay.
  5. I have no idea what that is but I'll definitely check it out then xD Thanks so much!