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Where did they all come from?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Peregrine, Feb 6, 2014.

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  1. How am I supposed to find anything now? I've never seen a wall of smilies that big...

    Have a selection!


    I feel like a spammer now!

    But I don't care. That made me very happy... Thank you for a surprising, stellar update.

    Any new favorites, people?
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  2. Probably either the awkward looking high five or the mars rover one. Unless I'm missing something, and to be honest I certainly could as you pointed out, we still need the :awe: face and the :v emote. :P
  3. :fryingpan: :hissyfit::rotfl::timebomb::reading::neener::jump::duh::dizzy::bouncy::applause::banghead:!!

    I missed these from my MSN days! Kid, you think that's a huge smilie collection? in my MSN days half my lap top hard drive was smilies; I had a face for everything! I had a bunch that were more complicated, too. There was one of a normal yellow smile blinking a couple times and then a ninja black smile jumped in and destroyed it. There was one of a little chibi guy spinning at the end of a balloon string, holding on for dear life, and also one that was the perfect mix of OMG IM SO HAPPY and OMG IM SO SAD. I used it for OMG THATS SO PERFECT I COULD CRY. I had one of a sobbing smilie that got hugged and cheered up by a happeir smilie, and a super duper cute one with two smilies standing next to each other blushing until one shyly takes the others hand and then the other one hugged it.
  4. :tetriso::tetrisi::tetrisz::tetrist::tetriss::tetrisl::tetrisj:
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  5. I suppose I should pick a couple as well! :ferret::fire::jawdropping::jester::yoyo::hug:

    @Minibit Wow... I don't think I could keep track of them all, let alone know where to use them. Although, I won't deny, I would love to see a "so perfect I could cry" smilie. It is going to be enough of a struggle for me learning what all of these even mean, let alone how to apply them all!
  6. I did not expect people to notice that update so quickly. o__________o I still have quite a few more to add.
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  7. :jaded::octopus:

    That is all. XD

    The amount of random and hysterical combinations made possible by this update makes me so happy.

    I also quite enjoy derby bird. :orly: (Gosh dang it, that thing was hard to find. You can lose stuff in this abysmal land of enticement!)
    And smug rhino. :rhinoceros:

    ^ This is what happens when I scroll through the options on a touch screen, beautiful things.
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  8. OMG, there's so many of them. How to choose o.O
    Here's some of my favorites (though I'll probably never use them):

    And my all time favorite:

    It's amazing, now I won't have to say *poke* anymore :D THE PERFECT SMILEY! It even have that perfect expression xD
  9. :aaah: They just keep coming!

    :heartsmile: Thanks, Diana.
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  10. Well that makes the six hours of having to input the damned things in one by one worth it! 8D
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  11. Aaaanyone remember this guy?


  12. :pokepoke::catfight::dance:

    I had these ones too! All of the nostalgia...
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