HELP Where can I post my pieces? (doubt)

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  1. Hello there~

    Well this is more of a doubt than anything. Lastly I haven't really RPed much since I've dedicated more to improving my writing and storytelling skills. So I enteredto Iwaku today just so take the breeze and stuff but then, I got the notification of the MISC, and that filled me with joy since although this is an RPing community there's some welcoming to overall literature. So I was wondering if there was somewhere around here I could post my literature pieces and get some nice feedback if possible :3

    Again, this is just a doubt. In case there's no section for this, then I think I wouldn't be the only one glad for its incursion :)

    Have a nice day~
  2. There's two places you can post this: there's Showcasing which has a nifty Writing prefix and a Critique prefix, and you can always post it in your blog too ^.^
  3. Thanks \o/
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