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  1. I don't use pictures myself, but skimming roleplay threads I see lots of them. It always kind of throws me when I recognize the character they used for their picture (like if they're from an anime or game that I like) because I can't help but now think of that character when I see that person's post. IE: someone uses a picture of Sephiroth to show what their long-coat-wearing, katana-wielding, long-white-haired character looks like. I now can't help but think of Sephiroth when I'm skimming their post, even though the personality or actions of the character may be fundamentally different.

    Does this happen to anyone else?
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  2. YES! XD Alot of the time that sort of thing clashes with the mental image I have, one part of me wants the character to act in character, the other half wants it to correspond with the character I'm more familiar with >.<
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  3. I have a bad habit of sleep posting on rp sites. Sometimes if I know the character I end up calling them by that name. >.>

    Of course I claim I was asleep anyways.... There were a few times I did it just out of spite. ;)
  4. I try and use original images for my characters solely because of this, so the number of times people have recognized my characters from somewhere is small.

    I did, however, use a good picture of Morrigan from Dragon Age Origins every now and then, just because I liked her.
  5. This case happened to me except in the inverse. In another community, we had a member (whose name we later found out to be John Mendez) who 1) pretended to be a girl, 2) had his social avatar set to Yoko Littner. We found his Facebook by putting two and two together but that's beside the point- I can't watch Gurren Lagann now without seeing Yoko as John Mendez.
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  6. I don't usually have an issue of confusing the characters for their likeness, but it can be a little funny when I recognize the source of an image. I try to avoid recognizable stuff and fanart myself, though sometimes I do use such images. Whatever the case, I probably wouldn't do much other than maybe mention it OOC as something of a curiosity.
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