When Worlds Collide

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  1. When Worlds Collide
    It's the third day of the reform, October 4th, 2985. World War three has ravaged the world, and everyone is terrified. News of an incoming planet spreads like wildfire. It is expected to hit in 3 years. Many have taken off into space in search of a new world. A few are left, waiting. They believe, it is possible to survive. They believe, it is not the end of the world.

    The war started in 2900 because of nuclear bombs suspected in Europe and Asia. War sprung out, and people fought only for their own country. That's when the Earth split into sections.

    Section 1: North America
    Section 2: South America
    Section 3: Europe
    Section 4: Asia
    Section 5: Africa
    Section 6: Australia
    Section 7: Antarctica / Arctic
    From then on, each section fought for itself. The government and security where the fighters. The people worked together behind their backs. They hated the war. When it was over, they created the first again weather system. They found the planets. They where the first to leave.

    Character Form:
    (Picture or Description)

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    My character:
    Name: Kate
    Age: 16
    Birthday: October 10th
    Appearance: Jet black hair and pale blue eyes. Olive tan skin, 5'6''. She mostly wears a pair of black cago pants and a black tank top with a dark grey cropped leather jacket on top. She keeps her eyes covered with a pair of dark-blue mirrored sunglasses.
    Location: Section 4, Earth
    Background: Her parents fought in the war. She was an only child. She stayed in Shelter 24 by herself during the war. When she heard of her parent's death, she joined the cause, but she was too late. The war was over.

    When writing a post, be sure to post location (section) and time (of the day in the post) at the top please! ((You have any questions, pm me personally please!))


    Location: Section 2, Earth. Time: Early Afternoon

    Kate walked along the abandoned pathway, looking up in the sky to see the last shuttle take off. She shook her head, continuing on. She hadn't seen anyone since she left Shelter 25. "Am I the only one who doesn't believe our planet will blow up?" She picked up a few iron rods before turning around back to her makeshift shelter. She was one of the few still trying to rebuild. She had set a sign up 50 and 100 yards in every direction, made of old wood, that said 'Shelter ahead. Fresh water, good food. Anyone Welcome."
  2. Name: Kayla
    15th July
    (Picture or Description)
    Section 6
    Kayla's parents were among the first to leave the planet, abandoning Kayla and her older brother at a shelter. Kayla and her brother lived there for quite awhile until it was destroyed and they were separated, since then she has been trying to find others who haven't given up on the earth. She had the chance to leave once but couldn't do it, choosing instead to stay and try to rebuild.

    Location: Section 2 Earth Time: Early Evening

    Kayla trudged onward watching her feet, she was lost in thought maybe i should have gone, i don't think there's anything worth saving left on this planet. The sun was beginning to set, the dark setting in quickly. Kayla was so absorbed in her thoughts that she didn't notice the sign until she'd already crashed into it. She swore quietly under her breath as she got to her feet, she read the sign surprised and a somewhat hopeful. She had come across only a few other people in her travels and almost all had been driven mad by loneliness and fear, some had even been violent.

    She followed the trail of signs seeing the makeshift shelter, she tensed a little and stopped. She drew her handgun and held it at her side, "Hello?" She called softly, moving a little closer to the camp. "Is anyone here?"
  3. Hearing a voice, Kate jumped. It had been a while since she'd heard a human voice other than her own. "Hey, yeah, um, you're human, right?" She put the rods down, tending to them later, then walked out of the shelter, her hands hanging by her sides. "Scratch that question...But, Hello. I'm Kate. 16. Nice to meet you. Been a while since humans have shown up. Who, and how, are you?"
  4. Kayla's grip tightened a little on the gun, but she smiled hesitantly at the girl. She laughed a little at her question,"yeah I'm human." She carefully looked Kate over for weapons, she seemed sane enough but it was sometimes hard to tell. "My names Kayla, it's nice to meet you as well." "I haven't seen another person in a few months." She added sadly, "at least none that were still really people"

    She looked at her closely "Well considering everything, I'm doing fine." That was a lie she thought to herself, "And you?"
  5. Kate nodded. "It's been rough. Still trying to build a...house?" She paused for a second, facing the shelter. "I guess is more of a lean-to..." She shook her head, turning back around. "A shelter. I found some iron rods, if you would like to help me fix the walls." She tilted her head slightly, smiling.
  6. Kayla laughed a little, "its better than anything I've been using lately" She nodded and returned her gun to its holster, "sure I'll help" She moved closer and picked up a few iron rods, she looked slightly embarrassed "I'm don't know how much use I'll be though." She studied the wall for a moment before looking back at Kate, "So are there any towns still standing around here?"
  7. Kate shook her head, moving the wall slightly with her shoulder bracing the top and her foot holding the bottom before placing the rod like a support beam. "This used to be the leavers camp. They all left earlier today. I don't think there's any left on Earth....But, who knows." She took a slow step, her eyes twinkling as that part of the wall stood on it's own. "Finally." She breathed to herself.
  8. Character Form: Name: Liza
    Age: 8
    Birthday: September 4th
    Appearance: http://moe.animecharactersdatabase.com/uploads/chars/5524-1722491860.jpg
    Location: Section 4, Earth
    Background: When she heard the news that both of her parents had died in the war (her mother was a nurse and her father was a solder) at the age of 6 she quickly had to learn to fend for herself. She is very shy and mostly tries to get around unnoticed, taking what she needs by using stealth.

    Location: Section 2 Earth Time: Early Evening

    Liza awoke sleepily to voices, she remembered where she was. She had dug out a hole behind a young girl's lean to and covered it in debris, being near someone else made her feel safe, although she didn't know Liza was there. But where had everyone else from the leaver's camp gone? Damn, she must've slept through their leaving. Oh well, she thought, this girl who had stayed behind didn't seem threatening. She listened intently to the women's conversation while she planned her next move.
  9. Kate stepped back, taking another pole and putting it in the opposite corner. "Have you seen any water or anything around? I've been a little busy trying to work this all out." She motioned a hand around the shelter.
  10. Kayla sighed "yeah that's what i expected." She began to work on the other wall, "I've only seen a couple of towns and almost all of them were totally destroyed." She looked at Kate thoughtfully "well i do remember walking past a river" She titled her head slightly, "although I'm not sure how close it was."

    She stopped for a second, thinking she heard something. Stop being so jumpy! She scolded herself, "i heard there was an intact town a couple of days walk from here." She watched Kate and copied her actions, bracing the wall successfully. "Its probably just a rumor but i was going to check it out anyway, some rumors have a grain of truth to them."
  11. Kate moved slightly, ignoring the sound, then nodded to Kayla. "Okay." She braced the last corner with the last pole. Stepping back, she looked around, scooting the supplies closer to the walls now that there was more room. "So, you want to try for there? I'll keep an eye out for any more supplies..and I can mark our trail, that is, if you know were the town is supposed to be." She stood a little straighter, smiling. "I've got enough supplies to last us for at least a month.." She looked around, grabbing four bottles of purified water and four cans of food. She placed them in two separate bags before putting a knife and string in her own and holding the other out to Kayla. "Here. Keep it." She placed the extra supplies in a small, tarp lined hole, covering the supplies with a cut piece of tarp and dirt. "That should keep it cool and safe.." she mumbled to herself, taking the third pack, already full of tarps, rope, sticks, and blankets. She set all the non-food supplies in a small cabinet in the corner before sitting down. "There. Now it's normal." She nodded, looking back to Kayla.
  12. Liza listened intently to the girl's conversation. Where they going to leave to go find a town or a river? Should she go with them? On one hand, she could stay here alone, but she figured they would take most of there supplies, on the other hand if she went with them she would have to expose herself since there was nowhere to hide, which could either go well or horrible. The third option was she could wait awhile after they left and set off for the town herself, but there was no way she would do that. That was downright dangerous and stupid, she could be mugged or even murdered!

    She decided the best option would be to expose herself to these women, since they didn't seem to pose much of a threat. Hopefully they would accept her coming with them. She slowly shifted up out of the whole and quietly peeked out from behind the shelter.
  13. Seeing a new face, Kate smiled. The new person seemed fairly young, and Kate didn't want to scare her away. Setting down her pack, she motioned for Kayla to stay slow and calm. She crouched down, sitting on her feet. "Hello. I'm Kate, who are you?"