When the unexpected happens...

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  1. [​IMG]Just when Jonah thought that his life couldn't get any worse it did. First he got into a huge fight with his uncle when he found Jonah's ciggarette box in his room. He didn't know why his uncle was going through his things in the first place and the only thing he was relived was the fact that he haden't found his secrect stash where he hid the weed. Jonah didn't even remember when he started smoking. It was probubally around the time his mother died and his father got sick and died a few months later. Now Jonah was stuck with two uncles, once who was a pain in the ass and the other he hadn't seen since he was eleven and it's been six years since. Now he was standing outside of his friends house waiting for him to come outside.

    At first Jonah thought Declan was stupid when he put on a ski mask and then then his black jacket. " Are you fucking crazy!? Were not gonna go rob somebody". Jonah was going through enough and the last thing he needed was to be in jail for hanging around a jackass. Declan laughed and nodded his head like he had done a crime before...but then again he has and he's done it plenty of times. Declan was a drop out and did nothing with his life execpt smoke, fight, fuck, and get into trouble.

    Shaking his head Jonah took a step back. He wasn't going to go at first but then he realized that he had nothing to loose and anything was better then going back home. His uncle wanted him home at 12:00 and since he didn't want to hear his uncles mouth he promised that he would. The drive was quick and Declan was already out the car and up to the house like had been there before. " Are you sure there gone Dj?". Jonah walked up to the house and then looked around. He had a gut feeling that something was going to happen but like a dumbass he didn't move or walk away.

    Declan opened the window and then slowly slid in halfway before a light from the far left side flashed in their face. It was a guard. Jonah was not going to get caught and go to jail. Immeditally Jonah signaled Declan to get in the car but Jonah didn't get in. He was pretty sure that he was faster than the guard and it was dark. Jonah climbed over the fence and then watched as the guard got stuck and was curssing and shouting. A wave of relif washed over Jonah as he made his way home, but before he could even relax the first thing he heard was his uncles voice. " Its 2:00 in the damn morning where have you been! This is it, i cant deal with this..Im sending you to live with your Denny".

    Jonah just shook his head. He honestly didn't care. He wanted to leave but then he remembered where his uncle Denny lived. All the way on the other side. He walked into his room closing the door and falling straight to sleep. The next morning Jonah was packed. Using his car he placed all his belongings and then drove over to Denny's. A smiled formed on his lips when he saw his uncle standing out the doorway of his house. After they chatted and put the bags up inside, Denny talked about how he'd have to attend a new school. Jonah didn't want to but then he didn't want to dissapoint his uncle Denny, and he was a whole lot better than Hector.

    Since it was Sunday he spent it relaxing in the house and getting used to the new neighboorhood. Tommaorw he'd have to go to a whole new school. It sure enough would be hell.
  2. Emily didn't remember much of the incident, then again, she hadn't been the one to find burgles roaming their house at night. In fact, she had been peacefully sleeping in her room, unaware that there had even been an invasion of their privacy. Though when one had body guards roaming around their house, it hardly seemed like it was something of a concern. As the police continued to ask her questions, she could only give them tired replies. After all, she had been pulled from bed by her mother, and when the woman had her less than pretty face on and was covered in some over nice facial crap to keep her "young." Her father was enraged, and seemed to be calling the people who ran their security set up why even with all they had there was still a break in, and when they were home no less.

    Who ever had come along really had messed things up! And she had mall plans tomorrow! She'd never be able to get any of the sleep she just lost back, and she'd probably look even worse now in all the clothing she planned to get. When she was finally sent to her room, it now having an extra guard standing in front of it, she went back to sleep, yawning loudly before flopping back lazily into bed. This really didn't affect her as much as it should, then again, people always tried to get into her house to take a lot of the art, jewels and other expensive trinkets her father paraded around in public. In all honesty, these break ins were hardly surprising. What idiot showed of these things and then locked them away? It was as if her father was just asking to get robbed.

    The next morning was simply, though slightly slower because of the lack of sleep. After dressing up in some short shorts, a tang top and a nice little cardigan to take the outfit from slutty to adorable, she pulled on her best heels and hopped into her car. It was a pretty machine, a jaguar that was a deep plum purple with black leather for the seats. It had more gizmos than she knew how to use in it and the price tag to match it. The shopping spree didn't go for long, if only because her friends had to bail after hitting their money limits so quickly. Sometimes she really was lucky to have an unlimited card that her father paid for, though she always used it responsibly, with the occasional splurge to just have some fun. After arriving at home, she took all her bags inside to pass off to a butler before she took her lovely little Pomeranian around the block.

    Maybe she'd find something to do on her walk, her house was getting boring anyway.
  3. [​IMG]The more Jonah looked around Denny's house it made his wonder why he was left living with Hector for so long. There were a ton of picutes of the family up on the wall. Mostly his sister and brother Hector. A few of them had Jonah in them as well as his father and some other relitaves but the pictures seemed to be taken such a long time ago. He flipped through the channels on tv before stopping on the news channel and sighed as he buried his face in his hand. Yup the poliece were now investigating the house that they attempted to rob the other night. As the news reporter showed the area he glaned up at the window and really wanted to kick himself in the ass. It was one thing to get away but now he had moved into the same neighborhood that him and Declan were in the other day.

    He was just glad that he had put that ski mask on or he knew he would have been screwed. In his mind Jonah wanted to know if Declan had gotten caught or did he manage to get away and was hiding. One thing was certain, Jonah had no plans on calling him. Usually when things like this happened he allowed Declan to call just incase someone had his phone or other reasons. When his uncle came downstairs he was dressed up in modern casual attire. " Denny where are you going dressed like that? You meeting someone". The smile on Denny's face was evident and Jonah laughed. " Yes I am as a matter of fact, Since I"ll be home late you should go outside and look around and if theres any trouble call me". Denny spoke as he walked out the door and climbed into his car.

    Jonah was supprised Denny still got women. He wasn't bad looking but before he remembered his game was bad and now it seemed like over the years he stepped up. Heading upstairs Jonah opened his bag and pulled off the clothes he recently had on. Putting on some cargo shorts and a t shirt and placing his jean jacket over it. He debated in wether he should put a hat on. Deciding on not to he put on his low cut red chucks and then walked out the house. Looking both ways Jonah had no lcue on where to begin. The neighborhood was quiet for the most part unless there were some kids who were running around, probubally headed for the park.

    He decided to start walking and then he realized it was the same direction in which he and Decalan attempted to rob. Was there a gut feeling? Yes , but Jonah knew beeter then to look like the suspect. He and Declan had been getting into trouble and doing so many bad things that he was used to making himself not care. As he turnned the coner, Jonah looked downat his shoes breifly before looking up and stopin breifly. There was a girl heading her in the same direection Jonah was in and she was gorgeous. I guess some guys would have been intimidated since she looked like she camefrom money,but not Jonah. He approached her and smiled slightly. "Hey I just moved here, do you know any intresting places around here?".
  4. Emily had been minding her own business as she walked along, looking at her cellphone briefly for a moment as she strutted down the sidewalk with her Pomeranian in front of her. She hadn't seen the boy, or even really realized that another living person was near her until he spoke. Looking up from her phone, she blinked at him slowly for a moment before putting her phone away. After all, she may have come from money but that did not mean it was polite for her to ignore someone and just continue texting on her cellphone while she spoke to them.

    "Not much is interesting around here...Unless you think watching the automatic sprinkler systems in this area as entertainment. Most of the fun stuff is down town and even then it has its limits. The mall is good, but it's shopping is pretty limited and repetitive. The movie theater is nice, but it has a habit of being behind on new movies coming out. The restaurants are all chains and the book store doesn't really have anything good anymore besides the terrible literature that has unfortunately gone mainstream." She said as she looked at him before looking over to her precious dog and picking the tiny thing up into her arms.

    "Of course, there is always the clubs, but they're sticklers on rules and are only open on Fridays and Saturdays. Other than that, can't say there is much else entertainment beside the entertainment that you make. Of course, that isn't to say that there won't be parties around here. After all, spring is here and fall is on its way out the door. You just have to make sure you're on the invite list if you want to go." She finished as she glanced at him once more.

    It was probably more information than he wanted to know but she was the kind of person that liked to be thorough about what she was discussing...And he did ask.
  5. Jonah watched as the girl picked up her small dog and then continued talking about what was intresting and so forth. He firgured as much just from looking around the neighboorhood. In a way he was glad to be living with Denny because before it was nothing but trouble and of course Hector. Jonah didn't know why but in the back of his mind something was telling him he should stay far away from her and that was mostly for the fact that he had tried to steal from her house. " Thanks for letting me know i appreciate that". He smiled and then nodded his head before he continued his walk around the neighboorhood. After a few minutes Jonah was supprised that he haden't gotten lost yet.

    Since there was plany of time to spare and Jonah had some money to spend he figured that he'd take his car and drive around and mabey head out someplace new. God he couldn't wait until it was summer when he'd be able to enjoy the beach and the girls that were there. Jonah headed back and then got in his car,pulling out he drove around a bit and then stopped and looked out the window of the car to see what was going to be his new school starting tommarow. Jonah dind't really care that much since he knew a few people but he was deffinitally going to miss his old friends and all the throuble they got into.

    The time seemed be be slowly slipping away and beore Jonah knew it the sun was setting. He decided that he would in fact catch a movie, and to his supprise their was actually a good action movie playing. Buting his ticket he enjoyed his hour and two hour movie. By the time Jonah got out it was somewhat dark and he figured that his uncle would be home by now. As he drove back into the neighboorhood, Jonah couldn't help but glance at the house and then he looked away and parked his car. Opening the door he heard his uncle in the kitchen and then asked him how it was. " You know your lucky i came home because your uncle would've had a banging night" he said laughing. Jonah shook his head stopping at the stairs. " Okay sure, but i dont need to be hearing about what you would've done".

    After changing into some comfortable bed clothes, Jonah looked at the picture of his parents and sighed before closing his eyes and falling asleep. The last thing he wanted was to wake up and go to school.
  6. "No problem." She said simply as she looked at him as he left.

    Setting her dog back down, she continued her walk around the neighborhood She didn't have much to do at home anyway, her parents were there and still having fits about the robbery from last night. On top of that, they were probably going to make her deal with more security regulations on her free time, texting and internet. Of course, she'd break the codes just like before, she didn't really care if her father was robbed, he deserved it if he was going to flaunt his money around like a moron. The same going to her mother who had a habit of only ever wearing the family jewels out of the house and to rather fancy balls and such.

    She eventually go home and spent the rest of the night online talking with her friends, they asked her about the robbery and she told was she could, which was limited by her parents as well. Of course, they all said they were glad that she was okay, but at this point it was just a reflexive response at this point, it just happened way to much for them to be really concerned about it anymore. Other than that, she just stayed in her room, only coming out for boring conversations over dinner and some more pressures from her parents about her having to be home and safe, who was she, Rapunzel? Should she grow out her hair and try to escape? It seemed like the only option she had anymore.

    Returning to her room, she changed and got into bed, yawning slightly as she thought about the boy she met early today. He seemed handsome, but his air didn't seem like he was anywhere from around the area. If she had to guess, he was from the complete opposite side of town. How could someone like that move here? Of course, it probably wasn't her business, so instead she just shook off the thought and went to sleep, she had school in the morning anyway...and she was certain her teacher was going to give them a test for kicks.
  7. The next morning, Jonah woke up to his extremly ound alarm clock but what really woke him up was when he fell off the bed due to the sound catchimg him off guard. He let his eyes get readjusted to the surroundings before he dragged himself into the shower. After spending most of his time in the bathroom and relaxing under the warm water Jonah got dressed and then packed his bag which was hlaf empty. Since it was his first day, Jonah wasn't expecting alot of work and if the teachers gave him alot he honeslty wouldn't care because the chances of him completing them was slim. It wasn't that he didn't do work but he just didn't care for the work he was given.

    As he reached the stairs he threw on his grey obey hoodie and a black baenie. Jonah could hear his uncle downstairs and he could smell the breakfast. Back when he was living with Hector, Jonah was the one making breakfast for himself and it was only rare when Hector cooked breakfast. Sometimes it still awazed him how they were brothers. Once reaching the last step he quickly sat down at the table and ate his breakfast with Denny. It was the firs ttime he had a deep conversation in the morning over some pancakes eggs and bacon. After Jonah was finshed he grabbed his bag and then headed out his house twords his car.

    Jonah remembered what the school had looked like when he had driven past it the other day. He could only imagine what the inside of the school looked, probally as nice as the outside looked. When he pulled out he saw a ton of kids each from which he would figure out which group they were in. Jonah could tell who the cool kids were, which basically anyone on a sports team like cheerleading or football and basketball, who the nerds were because they just looked socuially akward, the goths which were few and then the delinquents which were a mixture up popular and troublemaker status. The one whing for sure Jonah was doing was basketball.

    The first bell had already rung and Jonah was stuck in the office waiting for the slow ass lady to hand him his schedule. Once he finally got the paper he spent a few minutes finding his class which dind't take long. English. Walking into the class he could feel all the eyes on him but it didn't really bother Jonah. From what he would see out the corner of his eyes were the smiles and battling eye lashes fro most of the females in the class and with that came some glares from the guys. Of course th teacher asked for his name and then assigned him a seat. " Jonah Davis". And with that he took his seat and then tapped his finger on the desk.
  8. Emily had gotten up very early that morning, if only because she needed to be their early. She had to be at a student council meeting and then had to rush right into the principle's office to gather up some important paper work for the council meeting that would be after school. It seemed that she barely ever had time to take a break at school these days, but that was what one could expect when they were the student council president in this school, it was like being the real president, but with less body guards and life threats and more pressure to stay current with the student body. At least this would be her last year, after this semester she would be graduated and heading off to college somewhere...hopefully. Heck, even a community college would be better than nothing.

    Stepping into her English class late, the teacher didn't even seem to pause in the beginnings of their lecture of the day. After all, this was normal for her to come bounding in late with papers for her work. And besides, she was the highers ranking student in the class, even if it was by one point on their last test. If anything, the teacher wouldn't even mark her tardy, what would be the point of that other than to put a pointless blemish on a shining student...And if her parents ever heard of it the school would hear from them, not that she'd ever willingly tell her parents anything about her school situation, they just had a habit of making sure that she never looked bad, no matter the cost.

    She didn't notice the new student, mostly because she was focused on sitting in her desk and trying to organize herself, having read this lectures chapter and already having notes made from the power point the teacher was using for them. Instead, she just sat there, relaxed and started to work on getting the papers in order. Besides, she had been in such a rush that the pile had come a little undone, meaning many papers slipped around and she could not afford to have any of it out of place.
  9. Jonah watched the clock as the english teacher began his lesson. He already knew what the class was learning so he dind't even attempt to act like he cared. It seemed as if the clock was playing jockes on him, turning ever so slowly that it made the class feel like it was taking ages to be over. He put his hood on and then then pulled out his cellphone to read all the unread text messages. To his supprise he had a test from Declan. He had hid his car and got it re painted and now he was at a friends house until all the commotion about the break in was under raps. Jonah was waiting for it as well. The weird feeling he was having was kinda annoying.

    He heard some ruffling of paper and turnned his head to see the girl from the other day with the dog. It dind't supprise him that she was going to the school but it looked like it supprised other people that he was in the school. Jonah figured that people were talking about how he was from the other part of town. People would always make up some stiry about of the far side of town was a bad place to live and be in. Which in some case it was kinda true but fully. There was plenty of fights and shootings and theft but other than that it was a well off plpace to stay.

    When the bell rung Jonah was relived and then stood up fromt he desk and then looked down at his schedule. So now he had math, and the class he hated the most. He walked out onto the hallyway and then chatted with a few friends. Jonah had this thing with being stubborn and independent and now he found himself confused and looking for the math room. He just so happened to see the girl from the other day and then stopped her. " Uh hey again, I was wondering if you knew where the math room was?". Jonah felt like he was on a role. Already two questions in two days. Jonah ran his hand through his hair and then glanced up at the clock.
  10. English class was dull, certainly nothing she wasn't familiar with at the moment. Of course, she had no choice but to listen, even as she worked on her papers for her council meeting in the afternoon. She got them all organized by the time class was over, and thankfully the teacher didn't give them any homework as she was still working on catching up with their last assignments. They just couldn't grade fast enough it seemed. Standing at her desk for awhile as she gather up the papers, she was chatted at by several people. Girls were giggling to her about the new boy while other guys were trying to subtlety flirt with her and fail at it. She honestly couldn't care less if he came from the bad side of town or not. He was here now wasn't he? He obviously was able to make a better move and he took it...Or something like that. She didn't know him so she really couldn't say.

    She left once her items were all packed, leaving the group of chatters to slowly move out of the class on their own. She on the other hand had to get to her study hall for that period and needed to get to the library. Besides, she wanted to get a couple books while she was there in the first place so she had to be quick, least the place turn into a disaster zone as the less quiet teen turned the library into a chat room. Before she could get there though she was stopped by the young man once more, this time asking for directions to the math room. It certainly caught the attention of a few kids that they were talking, after all she had been voted miss popular since she was a freshman, for someone brand new to so blandly speak to her would put a lot of the popular boys on edge...and probably give her most troubles with the girls.

    "It's in the direction I'm going...Just follow me, I guess." She said, shrugging her shoulders a bit in hopes of making this chat appear as simple as possible. One wrong move and it would spread that they might be dating or something weird like that.
  11. Jonah nodded his head and then proceeded in following her. As they walked he looked around and down the hallways. The school was deffinitally diffrent from what his was. " So I never did catch your name, Im Jonah". His voice was casual and he removed the hoddie from over his head since he only put it on when he wanted to fall asleep in class. There were some people in the hallway moving around. Jonah figured that they had free period, and that reminded him that he did as well but it was after math. Some of the students were watching them and Jonah had no idea why.

    When they reached the class he placed his hands into the pocket of his hoodie. " Thanks, I guess I'll be seeing you around then". Jonah looked at her for a second before he opened the door and then found himself a seat next to a few of his friends in the back. Jonah watched the teacher write some problems on the board. From what it seemed was that the teacher called on kids that didn't look intrested or didn't pay attention. Jonah stared at the teacher and made sure that he looked like he was intrested in the lesson so that he didn't get picked on. He knew sicne it was his first day they wouldn't ask him anyway.

    When the bell rang, Jonah was relived. Now he had free period to do what he wanted. Grabbing his backpack and heading out the classroom he figured he would roam around the school and learn where to go so he wouldn't have to ask anyone constantly because it was annoying. With still time to spare, Jonah went over to check out the gym. Looking inside he noticed them having a free period. Jonah went outside and then pulled out his phone and texted Declan to see what his plans were for later on.
  12. "I'm Emily. If you ever need help looking around feel free to ask a teacher or a hall monitor. They know the school even better than I do." She told him as she looked at him. It was more just an offer of an idea just in case she wasn't around. After all, she wouldn't be in all of his classes, she had her own work and schedule to deal with. Moving quickly through the halls, as she wanted to get to her own study hall as soon as she possibly could, She didn't pay much attention to the looks of the other kids. They could think all they wanted to about this, she was just helping out a student who wasn't sure on where to go and who was new to the area. A general kindness that anyone would have done, at least she hoped that would be the case. Pausing in front of the door to his math class she looked back to him.

    "Have a nice day." She said simply as she watched him walk into his classroom, hands in his pockets as she turned and made her way to the library. She moved quickly now, getting there just in time for the bell to ring. Checking in with the library to make sure she wasn't marked tardy for the study hall or anything silly, she went to her favorite sitting area and started to get back to her own personal work. Gathering up plenty of books to read, she curled up in an old arm chair and just chilled, reading in complete silence as she enjoyed this small moment of peace. After all, it wasn't as if she could find it anywhere else anymore in the real world. Only books seemed to bring silence with them nowadays.
  13. Jonah leaned back and looked up at the sky. It was deffinitally going to be a long week, school wise. When he recived the text message from Declan that he wanted to stop by the neighboorhood later on that night Jonah didn't know if that was such a good idea. He knew that Declanwasn't dumb enought to try and rob a house in the same area and now their were more security guards partolling, well that was what he had heard and he figured it would be true. I mean it was a nice neighboorhood and they community was planning on keeping it that way at all cost.

    The bell rang and he watched students leave their classrooms and move around. Reluctantly he got up and headed back so that he could get to gym. It was acutally the one class that he was looking forward to. After gym would be lunch and then he'd would be free to go. The coach's name was Mr.Walter, He was about 6'2 with a muscular build and looked grumpty but in reality he was a nice guy. For gym they were having a test but Jonah was excused from taking it. By the time gym was over Jonah couldn't wait for lunch.

    He meet up with a few people that he talked to and then made him way into the cafeteria. Of course it was huge but not much bigger than the one at his old school. Their were banners of teams that one championships. Mostly football, basketball and of course cheerleading. Jonah grabbed a tray and then placed the motzerella sticks on his plate and went and bought a bottle of water from the vending machine. Everybodys mouth seemed to be talking about how he was the new kid and how he looked like a badass, which quite frankly Jonah didn't find true at all. When the last school bell rang he got up and grabbed his things heading out the school along with the other kids. Jonah was looking down at his phone as he made his way twords his car. In a way he was hoping he would see Emily but she looked completly unintrested in him.
  14. Emily's study hall went by much faster than she had liked, but that was the truth in life. Everything you liked went in the blink of an eye and everything you hated seemed to go into slow motion just to bother you longer. Putting the books away, she only had one more class left and it was art class, then the day would end for the school. Of course, she wouldn't be going home just yet, as she still had her after school student council meeting to attend. Her work truly was never done, was it? Before she could get to art class though, she had to attend lunch. She didn't eat in the cafeteria today, mostly because she knew that she would be bothered by to many question about the new guy. She barely knew him! How could she answer them?

    Thankfully, he appeared and was more a distraction to allow her to slip away to where she usually ate, in the council room with other members. After all, there was a lot happening in the last of the year. The council was in charge of all the senior year activities and would be making it the best last year of high school any senior ever had. Though, at the price of having to give up their own after school like in the process. Eating her lunch, she finished up just as it was time to get to class once more. Getting to art, she just sat there and listened to the teacher explain yet another in class project for them and they would have the whole week to do it. Emily had no intention of taking that long on it but she'd make sure to do a good job as well.

    With the day finally done, Emily returned to the council room and set her stuff there, just in time to remember that she left some important things in her car. Grabbing her keys, she told her fellow council members she'd be right back and quickly headed out into the parking lot. It was just some flyers to post up around the school for the senior activities coming up. After all, if you didn't advertise no one would know it was happening! Walking smoothly over to her car, she unlocked it and started to pull out what looking to be a heavy box from her back seat.
  15. Jonah has just recieved the messeage from Declan. For some strange reason he wanted to meet Jonah by the school. Opening the car door he put his phone on the car charger since it was inly a fifty percent. Most of the students were leaving but some of them were staying and probubaly because they had sports, detention or they were waiting to get picked up by someone. He left his door open and sat down looking at the time and then responding to his uncle's text message. When he looked up he saw Emily. She seemed to be strugling with a box from the back of her car. Jonah grabbed his eyes before closing the door and walked over.

    " Here let me help". Jonah spoke as he reached over and picked up the box, slightly brushing his hands on hers to reach it. The box wasn't as heavy to him but he could imagine how heavy it was for her. " So where are you and this heavy box headed?". He smiled slightly and then glanced back twords his car. Jonah began walking twords the school building and then stopped when he reached to the of the stairs. The thought had just crossed his mind that he should go and check out the basketball team, or football. It would deffinitally pass the time if he played a sport and he would get to do something that he was good at...besides getting into trouble.
  16. Emily didn't sense Jonah until he spoke, making her step back a bit in surprise as he took the box for her. Blinking a few times she eventually relaxed, he was going to be helping her after all. "The council room, just follow me." She said simply before turning and heading in that direction. She hadn't expected to run into yet again, certainly he'd rather be home instead of hanging around here. Maybe he was waiting for a ride? Or maybe he was just relaxing before driving home, a strange idea but a possibility. As they got close to the school she opened the door for him so he could get inside and then continued to lead the way to the council room.

    "You didn't have to help, you know....I would have gotten it eventually." She said lightly as she looked to him, walking at a slow pace so that he could keep up with her. As they walked through the halls and towards the council room, she wondered what the other council members would think of her bringing the new gossip subject as her box carrier. Hopefully nothing too extreme. She was already getting enough looks because he asked her about where the math room was. Really, people just had to think that everything was happen because of some relationship connection or some bribery...never out of the kindness of someone's heart.