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    Welcome to the fictional American city of Gatland, which now lies in ruins after what seems to have been a major meteor strike. In an instant, the lives of a million people have been shattered, destroyed. But worse things came down from the heavens, an enemy that could threaten the entire human race...

    Story so Far.

    The sky Fell, survivors trapped in the basement of a collapsed apartment building.

    Survivors reach the surface through the sewerage system to find the city in ruins...

    The meteor strike was just the beginning, shit is about to get real. Feel free to voice any opinions and question here.

    IC Thread

    No super powers, no ridiculous weapons. You are just people trapped in a shit storm.
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  2. Hey people, I like how this is turning out so far. I may introduce the "infected" element in my next post, or maybe the one after that. I'll give a good description of the enemy we will be facing, the enemy that burned down through the clouds and rent our city asunder. You didn't just think it would be your run-of-the-mill every day meteor strike did you? NO? GOOD.
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  3. Hahah you should probably remind people in a little OOC bubble in your next post, (don't forget to check new OOC thread) in case they haven't seen that a link is in the first post.
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  4. Good plan batman, will do on my next post. Always a pleasure to drag people out of the dark.
  5. Hahha Aaw, I usually drag people into the dark, not out of it. :3 Using cookies of course. :cookie:
    First time I'm on the good side xD
  6. Hello, hello sorry for the late, short post you people but i've recently acquired some fantastic news and im busy celebrating..... but i did get a post in so chill the fuck out. love.
  7. Been reading the IC and am enjoying it so far. Though I don't think I'm going to jump in, however, you've got a reader.
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