When the Lights Go Out (Rules and OOC)

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    "Phew! We got all the introductions out of the way and can finally move on to the story!"
    "It's about time!"​

    In this section, feel free to talk about anything you like, react to characters without disrupting the actual story, or whatever you like! The only thing you may not discuss is who the killer is. There is to be no outside communication on this matter to keep the spirit of the roleplay intact. Otherwise, please use this area for all your OOC needs as well as questions.

    I will keep a list of who died on what page for reference purposes, as well as how they are killed if it is necessary. Also consider this area as a list for updates to the rp if need be.

    *Posting deadline for at least one character is Sunday, December 21st. If possible, we will start on Sunday, December 29th. With both finals and the holiday season approaching, I am very willing to be flexible. There are many of you, so I ask you all to be considerate of being prompt or the sake of both your fellow partners and the sake of the story's progression. Thank you.*

    *All characters posted on time, the roleplay will proceed on schedule*

    If there is a rule you feel needs to be added, comment, and I will look for a majority consensus.
    • The killer will not strike until the first full round of characters has posted (suggested by @Turtler).
    • Follow the posting order.
    • Post when it is your turn within 3 days, or your turn will be skipped.
    • No one so far!

    *Please note, if you would like to participate in this rp, contact @Lillian Gray, this rp is a closed group*

    Story can be found here.
    Character Signup can be found here.

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  2. To those viewing the thread, or reading on the off chance.

    Are you comfortable with me using moments when I announce either murder or mischief, to put your characters in harm's way? This would mean things like falling down the stairs, becoming unconscious, or generally being put out of commission for a while. This also includes suspicious behavior to throw off the murderer, but such actions will not alter your characters in any way, only observations of who was where.

    I will do my best not to 'God-mod' but would like to give the rp some thought to it, so that it's not easy to see who the killer is.
  3. Sounds all good to me! The more action and intrigue the better in my books. The harder it is to track down the murderer the happier I'll be!
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  4. I'll mark you down as someone I can use light control over then. If you have an idea for something, please send a PM, privately, that way if you'd like to make something anonymous I can do so! That's why I'm here to moderate. To mess everybody up, and keep it all a secret!

    I still have yet to decide on who the killer is, since I'm waiting for the last few characters to be posted.

    I suppose the maid and the butler I use as banners could be killed...I'd make a snide comment about it somewhere. "Oh, I see you killed the narrator, nice going"
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  5. I'm also comfortable with light control. Definitely adds to the suspense, and makes writing more fun by adding unexpected details to work with. :)
  6. okay just finished
  7. Just found this thread. Watching it (with this post)
  8. Good job Rainjay.
  9. Phew, quick (and very cool) posts! I thought I'd have at least a couple days before it got around to my rotation... Fortunately everyone's in that after-Christmas-lunch-stupor at the moment so I should have a chance to keep the momentum moving forwards.

    I'll get started some time this arvo. Merry Christmas everyone!*

    *If it's not Christmas where you are yet ignore this message
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