When The Kitten's Play

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    Salza (left) was a spunky kitty, while Rumba (right) was the roudy sister. They were always together, inseperable, to calico's that needed eachother's company always. That was how it'd always been for them. Today, they were walking the streets when a human came at them. They ran and ran, but they were caught within minutes. They mewled at eachother, keeping close in their cage to stay warm in the wintery air, as they bumped their way in the back of a van to their new destination.
    ~The Cat Mansion~
    Salza was the first to wake up of the two. She stretched out a bit, and yawned. She shook herself out. When she looked at her surroundings she jumped. There were cats all around her, big and small. She turned to look next to her. She nudged her sister Rumba, meowing in her ear, trying to wake her up. Rumba yawned, "Need more sleep sis.. leave me alone.." Salza growled, "We're surrounded Rumba! Get up!" Rumba jolted, waking up almost instantly looking back and forth, "crap! that's right!" she hissed her hackles raised as she looked around, "we were stolen away from our everyday lives yesterday."
    "Calm down you two.", the voice of another cat cut in. It was a relatively large maulted Mancoon, neatly trimmed and groomed.
    "Who are you to say that we should calm down! We have been taken from our way of life!" Salza snapped.
    The mancoon purred, "Because we all went through the same thing." he tilted his head in a gesture to the rest of the cats. "I'm Moby, and I'd like to welcome you two to the Cat Mansion."
    The sisters looked at eachother in disbelief. This place was real! All the rumors about it had been real!
  2. Jace watched as Moby, the older male cat strut over to the new arrivals, purring at himself as he watched the two little heads bob around. They didn't seem to be much younger than himself, and it made him wonder why they were alone and so young. The curious siamese jumped down off the little window bench he had been sunbathing in, and made his way over to Moby, who was licking his lips after telling the little ones where they had been transported. His tail was held up high, like a little black tipped flag wiggling about as he trotted.

    Jace stayed behind Moby, wanting to look at the new arrivals, but not quite sure what to say.
  3. Tux a lazy but playful non-serious cat who got his name sake from his coat coloring and pattern, quickly perked up to the sound of some new kittens who could be heard complaining and whining. Did they not know that they were now at the Cat Mansion? If they did not know this, then they must also not have known that it was still sleeping time. Frustrated by their lack of knowledge Tux lifted himself up away from a cuddling mass of cat warmth and meandered over to the two newcomers. He planned to teach them a thing or two about their new home. First of all was that sleeping time was more important than almost anything else. As Tux approached he pushed his way past both Jace and Moby and proceeded to bop both of the two new kittens on the tops of their head.

    "You are disrupting sleep time, and sleep time is one of the most important times!" Tux exclaimed surprised that these two newcomers didn't understand its importance.
  4. Salza and Rumba were still trying to figure things out, where had they been caught, if they remembered any of the trip. But then a male cat came up to them and bopped them in the head. They both snapped around and hissed at him, both throwing clawed paws at him one high and one low. They were going to defend themselves no matter how inexplicably stupid the reason seemed that he'd hit them in the first place.
    "Watch it dirt face!" Salza hissed.
    "We don't need to be told what to do!" Rumba retorted.
    "And we'll have you know, that sleep is for when it can be had, there is no specific time." Salza growled. From their response, you could tell that they hadn't had it easy on the streets.
    "ENOUGH!" Moby howled. "Tux, don't antagonize the poor things just because they ruined your nap time. Not everyone lives on your schedule!" With a flick of his tail he turns to see Jace behind him. He looks at him thoughtfulling and then. With a calmer voice he continues to speak, "Ah, Jace. Why don't you show this two around after they've calmed down a bit?" Without even waiting for an answer he padded off without a sound.
    Salza and Rumba still had their hair on end, and were watching around them very carfully. But they were licking eachother's fur, trying to calm eachother down. Their tails flicking in anticipation.
  5. Jace watched curiously with big, bright blue eyes; unable to look away from the commotion in front of him. The two kittens were very rambunxious, and even threatened Tux! They must have had a pretty difficult life before coming here.

    "Ah, Jace. Why don't you show these two around after they've calmed down a bit?" Moby asked, but it wasn't a questions; it was a command.

    "Yes sir..." The little siamese nodded his fluffy head, looking at the girls as Moby left. They seemed very dependant on each other, and Jace wondered what happened to the rest of their family.

    "Hi, I'm Jace...Um... so, let me know when you want a tour...ok?"
  6. Tux jumped back a bit when the two kittens attacked his legs. He hadn't expected them to be so feisty, but it only encouraged him to play back. He was about to attack them back in return but was stopped in his tracks when Moby howled for them to stop. "I was only having fun Moby." Tux protested as he began to walk away with his tail between his legs in defeat. But Tux didn't blame the kittens for any of it, after all he was the antagonist. But as soon as Moby had left the room Tux regained his confidence.

    Pouncing back towards the kittens he followed after Jace, curious as to where he was going to take the kittens and at the same time preparing to engage in play once more.
  7. They were overly aware of the presence of the other cats, they didn't like this, though they heard this place was a safe haven, it felt as if something were off. Plus Tux's responce to Moby's scolding was interesting. He had been playing? They didn't like this. They broke off from eachother though, and padded over to Jace who had been stuck with the duty of showing them around.

    "Hello Jace. I'm Salza and this is Rumba." Salza purred seemingly calm.
    Rumba seemed to be thinking of what she wanted to say, about where she wanted to go when both their stomachs growled and they chuckled. "Well," Rumba said, "i guess our first destination shall be the kitchen?"
  8. Willow raised her head from where she lay in the corner of the kitchen, and yawned sleepily. She had been up all night, unable to sleep, but now she was exhausted, and she just wanted to sleep. Apparently there was some new arrivals to the Cat Mansion. However, Willow didn't care. She was spoilt rotten, and proud of it.

    Titch bounded over to the new arrivals, and smiled widely, revealing her white teeth. "Hi there. I'm Titch, and my sister Willow is about here somewhere. We're happy to have some new kittens here in the Cat Mansion!" She rubbed her head against Salza's head in a friendly manner, and smiled more.