When sins of the past, become the anguish of the present...

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  1. "I recall the warmth of the sun; the kiss of spring and it's alluring spices that often dared to linger in gentle breeze. An era in which I had known mortality; before the progression of my illness. I was the first; the first true Ash vampire. From my blacken blood all others came to be. Long ago, before the mist touched the peaks of the spine of the world. Before man had claimed the west and mer the north. We occupied and maintained every stone under the realm. But like all things; our rule was to come to an end. And as fate would have it, our demise came from within.

    It was during the fifth era of our reign, my kind had began to push into the realm of the Gods. Believing that logic and understanding would grant them higher existence; not dogma spewed from on high. Years of research, centuries of advancement had led us to the point that creating life seemed possible. From the dust of the land, vile sorcery and science we created Lavish. A scaled creature who had the ability to feed on the minds of its prey. At first we celebrated, flaunted our prize and spoke of how the God's were no longer needed...but we were wrong.

    Lavish had a mind of it's own, it despised it's creators and sought instead to advance on its own. In secrecy it conspired, waited as a dire web had been woven. Than one day, it attacked without warning. For centuries it had been storing large quantities of energy, developing it's abilities for this very day. It tricked us, claiming to have found a way to open the jaws of heaven itself. Arrogantly we did as it instructed, erected pillars and dug trenches where asked to create a massive alchemical symbol. On the final days the angels attacked, claiming what we were doing to be destructive to our world. We scoffed at them, holding their armies at bay until the solar eclipse when the moon and sun had become one.

    Lavish opened the gate at the center, but it was not heaven that awaited us...only hell. The symbols we had drawn served as our obituary, as they amplified it's strength and reach. One by one, it consumed the minds and bodies of my people. Leaving nothing but clothes and armor as proof of our empire. Without hesitation I acted, I used a taboo ritual and fused my soul with hell itself. The devil; she granted me temporary power beyond my imagination. I created a rift, and trapped the entity within. But I was too late...my people were gone; my children lost. Only whispers and myths remain as proof of our existence.

    For countless years I've wandered the lands, building an army and seeking a powerful artifact. For the rift was a barrier between time and space, one that would in due time weaken and Lavish would reappear. I may be evil, damned and destructive by nature. But I will not let this new age become swallowed by the mistakes of the last..."



    The plot is simple; Lavish is soon to return. Valerna has risen from the belly of the earth. She leaves the Onyx tower; her sacred fortress behind as she wanders seeking leads on a powerful relic known as the heart of the sun, and the tears of the moon. Two treasures that are said to grant the wielder of them a single wish. Rumors abound of her army and her rise, as well as whispers of inbalance within the cosmic world.

    Lavish is returning...the day of reckoning drawling nigh. But as the player...will you fight against this ancient evil; or fight for the new order?


    Freelance- On your own, fuck labels.

    Valerna's court- Her court is mostly composed as the hated and gifted as she calls them. Illithids, vampires (Not ash or sol vampires; she is the only one), necromancers, lich, Gnolls, goblins, trolls, Orc's and any other rift raff of the realm. Humans and mer are welcomed; though few would align themselves with these "lesser" races

    The Church- A holy group of Templar, mages and knights. They view Valerna as a blight, and accuse her as wanting nothing but death and woe on the realm. They also are seeking the artifacts, hoping to shatter them before she can use them for her own devices.

    Various courts- This is a group where the player can create their own house of the realm. It can be elven, human, dwarven ect...Though the houses are not at war with each other, the threat of a global conflict can be seen on the horizon.

    Bards of Solice- These are assassins and bards, playing their music and weaving an effective spy network. Though they are the poorest of the factions; they are resourceful and skilled. This faction has no allegiances beside what serves them best; a group of warriors and spell casters who fight not for country or ideology...rather the times. And the role they wish to play in history.

    The hellish and angelic courts: Simple, a demon belonging to a pwoerful arch fiend who wishes toe meddle in earthly affairs. Or an angel of God's army (Valkyrie welcomed as well) who also have been ordered to spy and influence earthly affairs.

    Note: I do not wish to restrict you, if you have ideas or wish to implement any lore let me know. Diversity is healthy I always say. So original races are welcomed and factions you may wish to see brought back to the rp scene.

    Requirements: A character, online enough to post on a smei regular basis, character sheet, and a tolerance toward new ideas.

    Not required: Skill, as long as you try and post at least a paragraph I am happy. Combat based character are nice, but even characters who can't wield a sword or fling a spell can add much needed depth to the experience.

    This is a work in progress, so if you have any ideas or constructive criticism please let me know either here or via pm.
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