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  1. Slowly walking out of the room, the pale girl let out a loud sigh as she pulled her hair out from the ponytail, letting her blonde hair cascade around her face and down her shoulders. "Clean up the mess."

    Katriana took off her safety glasses and threw them to the side. Another failed attempt. They were just as close as they were the first day of starting, except with a death count on their end now. She couldn't figure out what they were doing wrong. It didn't help all the original notes were destroyed, and her father only knows so much. There was a whole team working on separate aspects of the project.

    "What are we doing wrong?!" She screamed as she walked into the room. Her father was staring at the board, trying to see if there was some mistake out in the open.

    "Calm down butterfly. We will get it. Every time we are closer. It's hard to reconstruct an accident." Her father cooed to her. She just looked at him. She felt like a failure every time that they couldn't get it right. "I'll be back."

    She walked out, taking off her lab coat. She walked slowly at first, then ran when she knew no one was watching. She went to a portal, and climbed up and slowly opened it. She never knew what there was going to be when she opened the porthole. Taking a deep breath she stuck her head out, the sun hitting her face.

    Closing her green eyes, she let her breath out. It seemed like forever sine she had seen the outside world. She missed it so much.
  2. Emiel tapped his bone-white claws on the concrete. He yawned. The heat was making him sleepy. His boney tail twitched as he stretched. Being an elemental demon meant he didn't have to worry much about the other creatures that inhabited the world. Most of his body was covered in an armor that resembled bones. His face looked normal enough, if it wasn't for the fangs, and his bright teal eyes. The flow of his long blue hair was interrupted only by the horns on either side of his head. He stopped mid-stretch when his demon senses picked up on a noise somewhere to his left. Now on high alert, he cautiously crawled towards the source of the sound. One of the porthole covers was open, and someone had stuck their head out. Someone human. Why would a human do something this stupid in broad daylight? I thought there weren't many left. He thought. A flash of red and black on the other side of the roadway caught his attention. Another demon? He sniffed the air. No, vampire. Emiel cursed silently. The human kid had her eyes closed; she didn't notice a thing.
  3. Katriana opened her left eye. There was an unusual wind in only a small section. Something was there. She wasn't sure what was animals were left up here, if any. She opened her other eye, and had a mental debate on whether or not she should come fully out, or go back down into the cold dark tunnels and try and figure out their mistake.

    She lifted herself out of the porthole and closed the lid, the key hanging at her side. It was long and used magnets to unlock it. The pale girl decided it was time to check the traps. They were going to need a new test subject anyways. Looking about, she started forward, stretching her scar covered arms. Working with the creatures usually ended her in getting hurt one way or another. She was still suffering from a broken rib from a month back.

    As she walked, she thought of her equations, maybe one was off.. There had been so many.. The bags under the girls' eyes was proof enough of her lack of sleep on the subject. The previous night she joined with the men and trained with the creature that was killed today. They were slowly beginning to learn how some of the monsters fought.. Many circled through the same moves and spells over and over, nothing more the lower life forms of the creature world. She put them in the same category as cats. Possible pets, and predictable.
  4. Emiel cursed under his breath as the human girl walked out into the open. The hell is she thinking? Does she think we're not out during the day or something? He growled softly. Maybe she thought she knew enough about them to be walking around outside. He'd heard from a contact of his that the humans had taken to capturing some of the lower level demons, instead of killing them outright. However, lower level demons and high demons were very different. Lower level demons had one-track minds, intent on destruction and killing. Most of these demons took the form of animals, or something resembling animals at any rate, and they didn't talk. High demons, on the other hand, were more like humans; they could talk, and were much less destructive, despite being much more powerful than the lower demons. He began to follow the girl, and noticed the vampire was doing the same.
  5. Carefully watching, she walked to where the first trap was. She noticed that the demon had long since been dead. Katriana carefully kicked it with its foot. Vampire.. she looked around now a lot more cautious.. she knew that if she ran back now she would probably be on the ground before she knew what happened.

    Her hand slid down her side before her long fingers gripped a long metal rod attached to her hip. The surge of electricity ran through her, causing her to wince. The weapon had brought her to the brink of death more than a few times. All the scientists were 'broken' by the agile. It was the closest thing that resembled the pain that was caused while assembling everything to open the other world. She had seen many scientists die at the hand of these weapons. It would be her best chance.
  6. Emiel growled low, sending a warning to the vampire across from him. At least the girl's on alert. he thought, although she hadn't looked very comfortable when her hand made contact with her weapon. Suddenly, the vampire stood stock still, and Emiel could feel him concentrating his energy for an attack. Dropping to all fours, he bared his teeth and prepared for his own attack.

    The Vampire leapt at the girl's back, but before he could reach her, Emiel burst out of the alley and slammed into him. Landing across the street on top of the fanged creature, he tried to pin the other's hands on the ground, to no avail. Damn it! He growled as the vampire's claws scraped his bony armor. His momentary lapse of concentration cost him as the vampire was able to bring his feet up to Emiel's chest and push him off. Emiel landed a few feet away in front of the girl, his tail swaying from side to side in concentration. The Vampire crouched and prepared to attack the girl again.
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