When Kingdom Come...

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  1. She walked around the grounds, and stared at the trees. They rattled in the wind, and she thought about it. How long? How long until they were on fire, or splattered with blood? She kicked a rock, and looked around then. Above her head, on a tree branch, she caught sight of something shiny, and silver. "Why are you up there?"

    "I'm bored," the fool replied, and picked apart a twig. "I figured you were out here. You've been missing now for quite a few hours, and your parents are worried about you."

    "I don't care," she said bitterly.

    "What's on your mind, then? Thinking about more matters a child shouldn't be concerned about?"

    "War concerns everyone. Death concerns everything." She reached up, grabbed a leaf off the branch he was sitting on, and then crushed it in her hand. "Just like that. All it takes is one person willing to swing the sword, and everything is gone."

    "You're 12 years old. Why are you thinking about things like this? Is it because you've been hearing your parents talking about it again?"

    "My parents? Do you not float above the city, listening in on the conversations? The ice elves are concerned about their frozen caves, and the humans are afraid of having to invade them, trapped in their icy walls. And that's just within our own kingdom! Can you imagine the entire world going up in smoke? That's what's going to happen, Nexus, if nothing is done to stop it. If we can't hold ourselves together, there's no hope then."

    The fool listened to her words with estranged eyes, and a disturbed expression. "You are shocking sometimes, the things that come out of your mouth." He sat up on the branch, swung his legs back and forth, and then looked at her with weary eyes. "So what are you proposing we do?"

    "Stop it," she said, and then looked out over the forest. She walked to the tree, and picked up a sack she'd carried with her. "Now."
  2. A large, green man was walking through the woods, following a trail he'd found.
    "So you've really got no plan on where to go, now that we've left Gor'Car, do you? Following random trails that could be made by animals for all we know." A much smaller, green person was sitting on top of the larger one's shoulders.
    "No, I don't have a route to follow. I'm just planning to go to most of the lands and learn from them. SOME of us like knowing a bit about the other races, even if it isn't things that can be used against them." The bigger of the two answered.
    "Well, wake me when we meet anyone or we're having a bit to eat." The goblin said, as he moved slightly to sit more comfortable, before slowly starting to fall asleep.
    "So small, yet so hungry." The big one sighed with a smile, as he kept on walking.
  3. The air was dark and chilly. They'd wandered now for quite a few days, and they could tell fall was beginning to set in. "My feet are freezing," she said with a small shiver. "I should have brought my rabbit skin boots." She shook some of the mud off, and kept walking. It was something she'd done as a child, leaving her shoes off to play. But now, for traveling, she regretted not bringing something for her feet.

    "Just be glad we're trumpsing through mud and not dirt, rocks, or something worst that would hurt your feet," the fool replied with a huff. "I vote we sit for a while, and try and find some food. I can shoot a water ball at a deer and freeze it to it's head. It's not like hunting is overly hard or anything." Ivy nodded.

    "Yeah, let's do that. That's one thing you're really useful for," she said flatly.

    He rolled his eyes, and then dropped their bags and the tent. "You set this up, I'll go find a herd of deer." He bent backwards and cracked his back. "Ugh."
  4. Domascus grumbled quietly to himself as he marched along through a small wooded trail. He scowled at each branch and rock he tripped on or stumbled over.
    "I hate it here," he frowned, "It's cold. I miss my desert. Why are there so many trees here? Where are we even? I'm hungry."
    He turned his head to look back at the blond following him, "You listenin, Riff?"

    His companion trailed along after him, sighing. He had gotten used to his friend's complaining, but it never got less annoying. He himself was a lot more accustomed to life out here in the wilds and was used to living in constant hunger. Too bad the spoiled prince couldn't learn as easily.
    "Do you want to stop?" he asked, "I can maybe find us something quick to eat. We don't have a fire to cook it, so-"

    "No," Domascus cut him off, "I'm not eating another raw rabbit. Those things are gross."

    "Well you'll have to learn unless you'd rather go hungry and starve to death?"

    Domascus snarled some comment under his breath at that and walked on, picking up his pace a little and giving the boy no choice but to hurry to catch up to him.
  5. Ivy sat down, and slowly began to put the tent together. This was difficult, being so young and short with only herself for help, but when she finally managed, she huffed up with pride. All around her, sticks cluttered the ground with some forlorn dust, abandoned by their tree fathers. She picked them up, rubbed two of them together, and then hoped for the best. She'd never been good with making fire from sticks, without a match or some sort of oil.

    Nexus came back shortly after, and she jumped up to help him carry the oozing meat to the fire. "Ugh, I got the blood all over me. I look like I murdered a peasant," he grumbled. "You look like you wrestled a bear. You're not too better off than I am."

    Ivy shrugged. "No, I'm fine actually. Look, I got the tent all squared away and everything, all by myself." She nodded her head with pride, and then pointed to the fire. "That took a bit of work, but I got it. Here, let's wrap those up in cloth, and then salt them up for jerky. We can't let it stay like that for long. We'll camp here and give it some time in the sun, and smoke it above the fire while the salt sets in."

    The fool gladly sat down. "These woods are abundant with deer. I found a moose too, which is rare they come up this far north. That's not it though..." He trailed off, thinking. "I smelled something. It confused me. It smelled like an animal, but also smelled... not like an animal."

    "Your demon nose is getting to you. You've been playing with deer blood for too long," she said dismissively, and then yanked out the bedrolls. "After we're done, we should sleep. While the meat is salting, one of us should guard it, and the other try to find some things laying around in the woods for tools. Our last knife broke this morning when it fell out of my pack, and struck a rock."
  6. Rogdush had walked the whole day now, and finally got to a clearing in the woods. He gave a little nudge to the goblin on his back, getting him to jump of so Rogdush could take his backpack of.
    "Go see if you can't kill us something to eat, would ya?" He asked the the goblin, as he unpacked some bedrolls from his pack.
    "Sure thing. But you better come and carry it back when I call for you. I'm not pulling another deer halfway through the friggin woods!" Stabby said, slightly annoyed, as he started walking off in a direction, hoping to find something big to eat.
    "You gotta call loud enough for me to hear you then!" Rogdush called after him as he left.

    Not long after, there was a big fire going and a tent set up. Rogdush was simply sitting there, waiting for Shorty to get done with the killing.
    He was almost tempted to not go when he heard the goblin call for him, but he was hungry and didn't want him whining all night about it. He left the camp as it was, not exactly expecting anyone to come rob them or anything like that.

    Sneaking up on a deer in the calm of night wasn't easy, but Shorty had managed it. Once he had actually gotten onto it's back, it was easy though. A few stabs and it was lying on the ground dead.
    "Rogdush! Get your big ass over here!" He yelled at the top of his lungs. He was unsure about how far he'd actually walked to find his prey, so he sat down on top of it, waiting for his friend.
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    He groaned. "Is that why you didn't give it to me? That I had to use my claws?" He looked down at himself. "Lovely."

    "Shit happens, Horse Face. Now come on, we have to find at least a sharp rock. Anything that can cut counts. I don't know how to work a forge to make one." She stood up, and then made sure the rest of the camp was set up.

    "I'll go first," he said, and rose to his feet again.

    He walked to the edge of the forest, and looked around. Then looked back down at himself. "If anyone sees me, they're going to think I'm some kind of ghost, or monster or something. Huh, that'll be fun explaining."