When I Met You

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  1. Tayssi x B l u E s
    Charity & Verity
    When I met you
    I was scared to talk to you
    When I talked to you
    I was scared to kiss you
    When I kissed you
    I was scared to hold you
    When I held you
    I was scared to love you
    Now that I love you
    I'm scared to lose you

    "Verity!" an excited voice called. Looking around, Verity's brown gaze soon landed upon her best friend, Charity. A smile bloomed on the young woman's face and she rushed over, hiking her bag higher on her shoulder. Once close enough, the two threw their arms around each other and spun in circles, laughing and giggling like children. "It's so good to see you again!" Charity exclaimed and Verity pulled away from her best friend's embrace and grinned in agreement. "Oh. And your suitcases are at my home already. My parents came around earlier to grab them," she told her and Verity nodded. But she couldn't wipe the smile off her face. She hadn't seen her friend in nearly three years. And even though they kept in contact every day, it was so good to see her again.

    "It's fantastic to see you, too, Char! And I apologize for my flight being delayed, or I would've actually been here before my luggage," Verity told her friend, her grin turning sheepish. But her friend just shook off her apology with a wave of her hand and she knew she had already been forgiven. That's what she loved about Charity; she just waved everything off. She didn't really care about things like that.

    "Well, we should get going. My parents have already gone to work, so you won't see them until tomorrow morning. You start school next week, correct?" Charity asked and Verity nodded in confirmation. She had come a week early so she could settle in. It was Wednesday, so there were really only a few days, but it was enough for her. By then, she'd be restless and wanting to run either way. She'd be able to once she went to school. She had heard of their Track and Field program and had jumped at the chance, even if it did take 2 and a bit years to convince her parents to let her go and that was only when Charity's parents agreed to let her live with them. She would forever be grateful to them for that. Though Verity did love her parents, she was thankful to be gone and no longer living in that house.

    Clearing her thoughts, Verity followed Charity out of the airport and followed her to her car. It was a white 2013 BMW M5 and Verity couldn't help but gape at it. She knew next to nothing about cars, but even she knew that it cost more money than she could ever dream to spend on a car. She heard Charity chuckle in amusement as she came up behind her and smacked her on the back of her head lightly, "it's just a car, V, close your mouth or you'll end up catching some flies," Charity said and Verity laughed lightly before sliding into the passenger seat when her best friend unlocked it. Stuffing her bag at her feet, Verity got comfortable and watched her friend go around the front of the car and slide into the driver's seat. It didn't take long before she had started the car and they were leaving the car park and on the road.

    It took around half hour to get to Charity's home and Verity, again, was gaping at the size of it. The manor house put her family's small two story house to shame. It was three stories high and roughly triple the length to Verity's parents' house. Made of stone and brick, Verity could tell the Manor house was old, but it was still gorgeous. The lawn was articulately mowed and the garden just off to the side was perfectly trimmed. Perfectly maintained vines crept up the walls of the Manor and Verity knew that Charity's parents had been going for the olden style Manor look. "This place is gorgeous," Verity whispered and Charity laughed.

    "It's alright, I suppose," she said as she parked the car in the garage that was off to the side. "But some houses around here are a lot nicer. Though I do like the olden style look my parents chose for the place. What with the old stone and brick and vines. It's a relaxing look," she said before she slipped out of the car. Verity followed suit and grabbed her bag before shutting the door. She followed her friend inside the house and her eyes widened as she stepped inside. A massive, olden style chandelier hung from the high ceiling, the floor was made of redwood, as was the staircase that lead up and split off to either side. The place was like a fairy tale. "Come on," Charity said and made her way upstairs and Verity followed her closely, taking everything in, completely in awe of everything around her. The place was utterly gorgeous. "This is your room," Charity said as she opened a door.

    She room she stepped into had a four-poster canopy double bed, two bedside tables, a dresser and a walk in wardrobe. The walls were a pale cream shade and the floor was made of the same redwood as the rest of the floor in the Manor. The curtains that hung across the windows were the same cream colour as the walls and Verity walked over to them and parted them the peek outside. The bedroom she was in overlooked another garden that was situated around the back. "It's gorgeous, Char. I love it," Verity whispered and Charity smiled when she turned back to look at her.

    "Well, i'm glad you like it. I will leave you to settle in. I've got to go study," Charity told her with a smile as she turned and walked out, shutting the door behind her.


    It was now Monday and Verity would be finally be going to school. Charity woke early that morning, like every morning and went downstairs to the kitchen, ready to get some breakfast. But Verity was already there and a freshly made bowl of cereal was waiting for her. "I figured you'd be up soon, so I did the liberty of making your breakfast for you," Verity said and grinned.

    "Make me breakfast? Really, V? You poured some milk and cereal into a bowl. I doubt that counts as 'making breakfast'," Charity commented and Verity laughed before shrugging. "But, thank you either way," she said and grabbed the bowl. "We don't have any classes together, so i'm only going to be able to show you to your first class, okay?" Charity said after a few mouthfuls, to which Verity nodded. Charity was a little worried about her. She hoped she would be alright. She had been raised in the same house her whole life and she wasn't exactly the most confident person when first talking to someone. Charity worried that she wouldn't make any friends without her help. "You going to be alright?" she asked.

    "I'll be fine, Char, really. Don't worry so much about me. Seriously," Verity said and Charity gave her a sceptical look, "I'll make friends. Promise," she told her and Charity sighed and shook her head. It seemed she able to read her mind sometimes. "Oh, and nice outfit, by the way. Very you," Verity commented and charity glanced down. She wore a simple fitted white dress that went just above her knees with white lace half sleeves, the lace weaving along her arms to create a pretty floral pattern. In her hair, she had a simple flat butterfly clip that had small little diamonds lining the wings. "Are they real diamonds?" Verity asked as she leaned closer, to inspect it and Charity nodded. "Wow! That's awesome!" she exclaimed.

    Charity smirked and then glanced at Verity's outfit. "You're going in that?" she asked and Verity shrugged as she looked down at it. Her hair was up in a high pony tail and she wore a light grey tank top with the words 'Never Give Up' scrawled across her chest in black cursive writing, along with her black leggings and runners. It was her running outfit. Sure, normal people would wear it as a normal outfit, but after knowing Verity basically her whole life, it was odd seeing her wearing her running attire for normal every day wear. "You aren't going to wear something else?" she asked.

    Verity shook her head and shrugged nonchalantly, "Nah. This looks fine. And besides, i've only got a couple classes before i'm training. No use wearing anything else when this passes as a normal outfit to everyone else. And it's comfortable," she told her and Charity snorted in amusement. "Very ladylike," Verity commented and Charity stuck out her tongue at her friend, which she quickly returned. Then they were both being dorks and sticking their tongues out at each other.

    "Well, I suppose, we should get to school," Charity said and Verity nodded in agreement. After quickly washing their dishes and grabbing their things, they went outside and got in the car. Not long after, Charity was parking in the school parking lot and they both got out. Charity showed her around the school quickly , giving her a brief overview of where her classes were. But the bell soon went and they parted ways. Charity hoped she'd be alright.


    Lunch break soon came and Verity met up with Charity. "Can you show me where the track field is?" Verity asked her quickly.

    "Really? But you'll be there this afternoon," Charity commented and Verity gave her a look that said 'And?' and she sighed heavily. "Oh alright. But we're getting something to eat, first," she told her and then lead her to the cafeteria. Charity simply got a salad sandwich and Verity got a water and an apple. "Just an apple?" Charity asked, raising a single brow.

    "Just a sandwich?" Verity countered and Charity rolled her eyes before leaving the cafeteria, Verity right behind her. "So where are your friends, anyway, Char?" Verity asked and Charity shrugged.

    "I mostly study in library. Occasionally with some of my Health Science classmates," Charity replied and her friend gave her a incredulous look. "What? You know what my parents are like. Plus, everyone seems to think i'm some demon you can't approach. Everyone'll probably think you, V, are either incredibly brave or completely insane for being with me," she said and Verity stuck out her tongue in disgust.

    "People shouldn't judge someone before actually meeting them. They'd realize how amazing you are if they just spoke to you. But, I suppose, if they don't, that just means I have you all to myself!" Verity said and giggled as she wrapped her arms around Charity's in a quick embrace. She would have put her arm over her shoulders, but Charity was 5'7'' and Verity was a mere 5'3'', so it was a bit awkward to try and do that.

    Charity just shook her head and a couple minute later, they came to the track field. Verity's face lit up in a smile and she jogged over and turned in a circle, noting all the little details. "This track is awesome!" Verity said excitedly. "I can't wait to run on it! Ahh, Charity, thank you so much for helping me get here!" she rushed over to her friend, flinging her arms around her. Charity just laughed and gently pushed her away.

    "It's fine, V. I know you wanted to get out of your house. Besides, I was getting lonely without my little friend around all the time," Charity chuckled and grinned as Verity's bottom lip stuck out slightly in a pout as she muttered something along the lines of not being little. Charity laughed lightly, remembering how she would often tease Verity about her height when they were younger, too.
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  2. Troy & Connor

    I have to live with myself and so
    I want to be fit for myself to know,
    I want to be able as days go by,
    To look at myself straight in the eye.
    I don't want to stand with the setting sun
    And hate myself for the things I've done.

    I don't want to hide on a closet shelf
    A lot of secrets about myself,
    And fool myself as I come and go
    Into thinking that nobody else will know
    What kind of man I really am;
    I don't want to dress myself in sham.

    The ringing sound of the alarm triggered as Troy set his pen down. He closed his eyes and simply trailed his hand down his tired face. School, as always, bored him to death and it was only day one of one hectic year. His body ached and begged him to run away, to leave this hostile environment, yet he was forced to attend. Troy look out the window void of any emotions as he started tapping his foot softly to the ground to the gentle beat playing in his earphones.


    His chest blowing with every breath he took while his sleek blond hair freely danced to the wind. Connor grinned as he jumped and catched the ball. '' Fuck yeah!'' he said throwing the ball to the ground and doing some kind of weird victory dance. Jayce rolled his eyes as he ran towards his best friend, '' Don't get to ahead of yourself... You are just beginning. You have tons to work on before actually managing to be a runner back for the team. '' he said panting a bit as he removed his helmet. Connor just waved at him, '' Come on, did you see that catch? You have to admit that it was epic. '' Connor arrogantly said. Jayce hummed and nodded his head as both started walking towards the changing room since the alarm rang.
    The blond haired boy walked his head high and his broad shoulders pushed back. He stood at about 6'5 and was quite muscular for a tall boy, and most probably the tallest of the school. '' Why are you even practicing to be a runner back when you are a quarterback?'' his friend asked. Connor shrugged with a smirk, '' I'm not going to reveal my secrets because my good friend, '' he said tapping Jayce shoulder in a friendly way, '' decided to help me with achieving one of my current goal's. '' he said as they walked out of the football field.

    Their school was one of the wealthiest and biggest public school in the city. It had multiple department with many different programs. The sports fields were all specialized in one area and was composed of a football and soccer field, the track for athleticism surrounded the area and there was a tennis court separated from those yet close enough to not just be a separate area.
    All of them shared the changing rooms and access to the indoor gym. There was a musculation area and actually a few specialist like a nutritionist, a physiotherapist and a nurse at disposition for the athletes and regular students of the college, but most likely the students in the sport program will use those services.

    Connor was already stripping out of his clothes and walked in the dirt tracks of the runners bare chest while holding his equipment in one side. Jayce stoped him. '' Yo yo, are you looking at what I'm looking?'' he asked the black man said spotting Verity. Connor was perplex at first, but then spotted the new beauty at school. '' Oh oh! Fresh meat!'' both said at the same time as they laughed loudly. '' Do we do the turtle or tiger? Oh oh, how about the falcon method! '' Connor said to his friend in some kind of codded message. Jayce raised his eyebrow, '' Bro, we have no choice but to do the falcon this time. Everything is perfectly set! '' he said lifting both his arms in the air. Connor grinned as he put back his helmet and just dropped his light equipment next to a bush. '' The falcon it is, '' he said as he cracked his neck and placed himself in position. Both of the footballers placed themselves in a runner's position and stared practically daggers to the two girls. As both started to part from what seemed like a hug, Connor started to scream.

    '' ONE ''

    '' TWO ''


    And both started running like maniacs towards the girls screaming at the top of their lungs without hesitation ready to make them shit in their pants and actually not caring if they tackled them to the ground. They were afterall, Connor and Jayce, the boys who got anything they wanted and could threat girl in any ways without having anyone really complain. Girls liked having their attention and let them grab their ass if they wanted. They were hot and popular and so they thought, especially Connor, that he could permit himself anything. Even traumatizing the new girl.


    Troy could see from his history classroom the sports field and obviously the two idiots. Also the two main reason he hated this shit hole of a school. But, his attention to those idiots was cut short as a he saw Charity through the window. He didn't even realize that he got closer to the window seeing her walk giving her back to some girl he had no interest in knowing. She seemed to be heading to class and he wondered if she would end up in one of his classes again. Just like last year. Not that it would really change anything, he didn't have the guts to murmur a word to the korean girl. But goddamn was she beautiful, Too Bad. Not like I stand a chance with her anyways. He told himself with a sigh as he started seeing a few people enter the classroom and before he even realized it, it was full. He felt once again invisible amongst so many of his peers. Just plain invisible, never to be noticed, not that he bothered making a place. He much preferred it that way, or so he thought. There was something about this idea of a typical teenager that didn't make him want to fit that mold. He didn't feel the need to socialize or to be extra nice on the first day. He didn't see the need in being so fake. Everyone here was fake for some reason and it just... didn't make him feel comfortable.
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