When I Fell in Love with a Ghost.

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  1. ~Character Info~
    Name: Bridget Marie Rodgers (Nickname: Bridge/ Bridgie)
    Age: 17
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5'6''
    Bridget sighed as she made it to her History class. She let out a big yawn. 'Man,' she thought, 'I am sooo tired!' She slide her backack off her shoulders and sat down.
    She was a beautiful young woman. She had long blue hair, deep ocean blue eyes and full lips. Today she had decided to wear blue converses, a short black skirt and a deep blue, midriff shirt and she had put her hair in a long french braid. Bridge grabbed her pencil and notebook as the rest of the students came in. Once she set it onto her desk she looked straight ahead at the chalkboard to see what they doing. The bell rung and Bridge was ready.

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