❀ When Heaven and Hell Collide ☠

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  1. Astra & Luna
    When the two worlds of Heaven and Hell collide.

    In this modern age, we are expected to move away from the "Romeo and Juliet" circumstances of separation, and come to realization that everyone is an equal. We are expected to know that in order to live, we need to accept each other. We are expected to know and do all these things with no reluctance and complete support--except, we don't. On our islands, there are two very different types of people. We have the Astra's & the Luna's.

    Astra~A true place of beauty.

    Astra, the latin word for "stars", is a bustling community of very happy people who work hard for what they earn. These people are usually found smiling, doing community service, and would never be caught dead in the color black. They live in white-picket-fence neighborhoods, their lawns mowed and their hedges trimmed, and they believe presentation and education is everything.

    Luna~A true place of...hell.

    Luna, the latin word for "moon", is a very rowdy and rambunctious island of misfits. These people go by no laws or governing rules to keep things orderly. Alcohol is the most prized possession there, and it's not uncommon for there to be drug abuse in this town. School is not mandatory, meaning most people can barely read and write, and crime is an everyday circumstance.

    The Tragedy

    Inevitably, tragedy struck these islands, leaving one in particular to be obliterated. The Island of Luna. But there is still hope for the troubled teens there. An organization called C.A.T (Communities Acting Together) collects four teens to come live in Astra. But there are a few conditions...

    1) These teens will have to learn the way of Astra, getting help from four other teens native the island

    2) They will partake in mandatory community service at least every two days

    3) If one of them breaks the rules, they will have to face the consequences given

    4) They will never be able to return to Luna

    Eight teens will ban together, four from Astra and four from Luna, and live in one home with only the company of each other. What will happen next?

    Sign-ups are located here!
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  2. (( Will be updated soon. Character sheets, rules, etc. are in the making! Feel free to reserve a spot if you would like. Even genders please, two boys and two girls from each island :3))
  3. I don't see an OOC thread, so it's okay to reserve a spot here, right? If so, I'd like to reserve a male from Luna. :I
  4. Absolutely (: This thread is basically just for the overview and for writing any additional information. I'll include a character sign-up link and an Rp link as soon as i can ^.^
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  5. I posted my CS last night. c: Is it alright? Also, does this thread also act as OOC? Just clarifying, since I don't want to keep posting here if not. :I;
  6. A female from luna please! i like the role play idea a lot~looking forward to starting out! should each person have one character only?
    Is it possible for me to have a second character? a male from astra
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  7. @Kaz don't worry darling, your character is perfect. And yes, I would prefer to keep this thread for OOC just so I can look at the characters in that specific thread c:

    @Tooru no problem, I can reserve your character right away. And yes, I would prefer to keep one character to each person, but later on I'll see if I can increase the number c:
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  8. okay~ then its just the female from luna!
  9. In case you didn't notice, the link to the sign-up thread with the CS is at the bottom of the first post. o.o Your spot has already been reserved there, so you just need to put the profile together and post it in that thread.
  10. oh thanks lol - i did NOT notice haha
  11. Well, now we just need 3 more people to join in. c: woo~
  12. That's right! I'll try to spread the word-- but would you mind helping me do that? I'll need a little help. C:
  13. I'll try, but I'm not very good at advertising and don't know many people. :I But I'll try.
  14. Hi Everyone! ^o^/ I've edited my chara... is she ok? Should I change something?
  15. @Nay'ar nope, your character is just fine! Only a few more people to recruit, so try to spread the word! If no one signs up in the next 24 hours, we can start with the amount of people we have.
  16. Also;

    Tbh all your characters are super rad I envy them ;-; I'm so happy to have yall in my RP I'm honoured :,D
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  17. Aye, aye sir. I'll spread the verb XD
  18. Just two more males~ C'mon, people. c:
  19. Can I reserve a girl from Luna spot?
  20. All the Luna girls are taken on the Signup page. There's just a male from Astra and a male from Luna left.
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