When experiments find each other

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  1. Rosa was only a babe when she was taken away from her mother and father. The two were farmers and didn’t make much money so when the royal guards came and offered a great amount of gold for their baby girl to live in the palace then who were they to say no?

    What they didn’t know, however, was that they would never see the girl again. Wars had been raging between different kingdoms and it was meant to be a sure thing that the small, rural kingdom would be taken over. The king, greedy and prideful, refused to let his land be taken from him so in an attempt to gain the upper hand he sent his men out and ordered them to bring him the most brilliant, mad and/or well known scientist, alchemists and wizards they could find to help make him a weapon.

    At first all attempts on objects and animals were fruitless but then they began to experiment on people. Men, women and even children were used but most died or became in human until they realised the younger they were the more likely they’d survive.

    The first successful, living subject was a boy but he went missing soon after the first few experiments. So, they decided to go even younger and found the youngest child they could that wouldn’t be missed and spirited her away from the family with some sweet but false tail of education and a life in the castle.

    Rosa had many experiments done on her, changing her DNA and what she was capable of. The experiments gave her the ability to transform herself in to different animals but only part way, for example were she to transform in to some sort of tiger she’d gain it’s strong claws, teeth and speed. But there’s side effects, being in the form drained her and the longer and the more powerful the creature she became the quicker she drained.

    Rosa was experimented on and trained for the next 18 years of her life and when she was 19 she was finally allowed to go in to the market place of the town.

    The young girl was quite a sight for all that saw her. Rosa had long, flowing red hair with large blue eyes that shone against her pale skin and dark, long dress.
    Rosa hummed happily to herself as she walked through the streets, in awe at all the noise and controlled chaos around her but for some reason she had this odd feeling of being followed.
  2. Rumours of a valuable treasure passing through the market gathered the attention of many undesirables. Rowan was among them waiting among the crowd hoping to gain a fortune.
    Before testing on how to enhance the abilities of humans they first tried to remove natural limitations. For years they experimented on Rowan trying to push him to his limits and then push even harder. Time and time again he would be pushed to the brink of death and then locked away until he was recovered for another round. It was first thought that the tests were a failure until the day he escaped without anyone noticing.
    Rowan watched over the market through the window of a nearby inn hoping the vantage point would give him an easy way to spot what he was after. The market had an abnormal amount of guards that day signifying that something big was happening but the lack of a centralised location didn't reveal what they were guarding.
  3. Rosa, being the shut in she had been, thought that all this was normal. The teen was sure the guards were just because they were worried Rosa couldn't control her powers and that the crowds were because of the fact she had come from the palace.

    As the guards walked in a close circle around the girl more and more people surrounded them to see what was going on and it made Rosa feel a little trapped. She saw her golden opportunity when one of the guards broke from the rest to deal with some angry shoppers and she ran for it.

    The red head ran down a small side street with a large grin on her face, no on really paying attention to what looked like a normal girl since her cloaks hood was up and covered the figures most were looking out for. Then, the moment the guards realized she was gone and began to back track to see if they had lost her somewhere along the way Rosa pushed the hood down and began to move freely.

    "wow" she muttered in wonder as she moved from stall to stall "so much colour" Rosa wasn't used to having so many people around and often thought aloud since no one had been around to tell her it was odd.
  4. Unexpectedly someone fully cloaked suddenly bolted within the crowd followed by unrest among the guards. Rowan assumed she must have the treasure and immediately entered the streets.

    The first thing that came into view was someone daring from stall to stall with unusual enthusiasm wearing the same if not a similar cloak to the person who caused the commotion among the guards frantically searching throughout the market.

    Figuring that the lady is trying to quickly sell whatever she obtained quickly Rowan. He had to make sure and wasted no time walking up to the same stall she was visiting while pretending to catch wind of what she was selling. A quick feeling of disappointment washed over him upon realising she is only an over interested shopper. Running a slow hand over his face into his short black hair he lets out a low curse.
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  5. Rosa hadn't noticed the fact someone was following her but she did glace to the side of her at the man that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.

    The girl smiled at the older woman who was selling the jewelry "can I help you with something young lady?" the elder woman asked
    Rosa shook her head "no, thank you but I don't have any money. I'm not supposed to be out of my room without a guard let alone be going around the market. I didn't think I'd make it this far" she answered sweetly before running her fingers along a sapphire necklace "thank you" she said with a smile before starting to move along again with her head down.

    The guards were growing more and more frantic, yelling and barking orders at each other. The teen gave a sigh and looked at the guards "better go back before someone has a heart attack"