When all Hell broke loose

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    Alucard was asleep in his room that was sealed off with sharp and painful Magic till he hears the horn blow from outside at the camp. He growled slightly and got up and changed into a black shirt his eyes glinted red with anger. He was going to kill that trumpet boy today he was in very bad mood. Last night he was told of his youngest brother Terms dissapearnce from hell.

    Alucard stormed down the hall and growled deeply fangs bared walking to the trumpet boy and fangs grow slightly as hge grabbed the poor demon by the throat "You sorry son of a bitch" he snarled deeply and with that he snapped the demons throat and the demon fell onto the floor unmoving. He walked past them and growled slightly. he came to his tent and rubbed his head slightly.

    "why the hell Terms did you run off you sorry sack of dicks" mutters gently flopping on his chair and leaned back slightly eyes closed to relax before his little demon friends decided to annoy him once more. he would be pulling hair and biting one if they got him pissed off too much.


    Terms was the youngest of Lucifer family, diowned by his own father and refused to harm people for no liget reason he ran away. he had to being the antichrist Lucifer would use his power to destory earth. terms was never the one to harm anyone and always was quite and shy around many others. he came to earth at midnight the height of his demonic powers and looking around gently in the city of new york.

    He walked down the streets and looked at all the homeless people and snapped his fingers gently as a blanket appeared around a young child who was out in the cold and he winceed at all the pain earth caused its own people. Terms sat down on the steps of a church and stared at the city and his eyes closed gently "why do humans hurt each other so much?"

    Venom hissed as he slithered through hell no demon bothered him for he could kill them if he so wished. He slithered down the tunnels under hell to catch souls that tried to leave, today was his lucky day two souls where running for it. he slithered after them agressivey and attacked and bit them harshly and dragged their asses back to where they would be torchered. he roared sharply in warning to other souls and souls quaked in hearing his roar. Venom slithered back to Lucifer's throne room and turned smaller and smiles as he coiled around the throne and stayed there till his master demanded something of him. his stone golden eyes closed.
  2. Karasu was coiled in the window of the spire of a threatening tower, bored, watching the panorama of fire, brimstone, and torment that spread below, and the nearby hills of trees made of the moaning suicides, forever telling their stories.

    "I took the pills, I took them and I thought the pain would end, I wanted it to end—" the closest tree, holding the damned soul of a young girl twisted into branches, could be heard whimpering.

    "Dull," Karasu said, examining his nails. He slowly let them extend into corrosive red talons, then watched them retreat to what appeared to be human nails with fascination. He turned violet eyes tinged with red onto Toguro, who stood hulking by his side. "Terribly dull. Terms is missing and all of hell is in an uproar, and yet I have nothing to do."

    "You could always take that up with Prince Alucard," Sakyo suggested ironically, shuffling through the papers of the damned.

    "No thank you. I like my penis where it is," Karasu drawled, with a secret shudder for Alucard's wrath.


    "It's in their nature," Awaale answered Terms, his voice soft-spoken but firm. His eyes crinkled. "Every human has both hell and heaven inside of them. That's why we punish and save: because they made a choice."

    He looked up at the smog-ridden sky above this little church, and sighed. "We should go back, Prince," he said gently.
  3. Alucard walked out of his tent and looked at the soilders training and passed them sharply. he loomed through the world of hell and darkness as his eyes stole cold red and scowled as he walked. he loomed through the world going to see Lucifer and saw the snake Venom coiled up around his throne "awwww how cute" he snickered darkly and chatted with his father. He sighed as he got his order and walked off , Venom slithering after him in his snake form his fangs hidden and scales glowing sharply.

    "Hey you three assholes I want you down here now" he shouted up to the demons his eyes narrowed. venom growled slightly and coiled up eyes narrowed. he then shifted human form his dark blue eyes shine in the moonlight of the red moon of hell. Venom looked at the three demons and eyes stayed narrowed and lips stayed shut.


    Terms shook his head "i can't go back there I won't go back there its not my home anymore. its nothing more then a place they wish to keep me locked away and use my power when the time is right. i shall not part take in that" said and walked again down the street slowly. he saw an old building and walked through it seeing possibalities inside of it.

    "Interesting" he said slowly looking around slowly, his eyes closed gently and twirled around slowly as time healed the place and the old rotting wood came to life, his eyes shot open and the world regrew the building as it was back to what it normally was....a hospital. He grinned happily "awesome" he muses gently.
  4. Karasu immediately rolled out of the window and landed against the rock in a flashy crouch. He stood, brushing his long black hair out of his narrowed eyes. Momentarily Toguro stalked out, having taken the stairs, followed by Sakyo, who nursed a cigarette, the human device pointless on a damned soul but reminiscent of when Sakyo was fully human.


    "You rang?" Karasu inquired rudely.

    Toguro rolled his eyes and smacked Karasu upside the head. "What service can we provide, Prince," he said calmly, neither deferent nor impolite, his gaze neutral. Sakyo continued to smoke diffidently.


    "It's always a pleasure to watch you work," Awaale said softly. He quirked his lips at the awesome, the remark drawing a laugh from him. Any angel or demon could understand all languages spoken. It was still such a very human term to choose. That was part of what Awaale, a reluctant traitor, found so appealing in Terms. By all rights, Awaale was a lesser demon in hell. He'd never had the stomach for it, and it had shown.

    He walked behind Terms, allowing his ideas to shape reality.
  5. "you know of the little prince terms hmm ? well Lucifer has demanded that he be brought home kicking and screaming if we must do it . So Karasu and Venom shall go and get the prince back. Sakyo i need your help in hell so you shall be staying behind. Oh Tojour would you mind staying and keeping track of the dead and keeping the souls in check" he asked slowly his eyes stole cold and glowing deep red color.

    Venom scowled darkly and kicked the cigerett out of the boys mouth "don't smoke you Idiot" he said sharply his voice sharp and dangerous and scowled as he was paired up with the brat of a prince "No I don't want to go with him he's a brat" he hissed darkly and jumped back as Alucard whirled around.

    "YOU WILL DO AS TOLD VENOM" he snapped and the roots of hell shook at Alucard's voice and looked at Karsua "You keep yourself under locks kid or when you get back I'll make sure your punishment is worse then you can image. Glad we all agree now get to work Sakyo come with me" he said and walked off into the shadows of hell as he came to the base camp looking at the injured warriors and tired ones and sighed darkly.


    Tempation blew out white flames from his mouth and had paper for wanted staff and filled them out with some stuff. he flopped in a wheely chari and rolled around on it happily before he forgot there where stairs and yelped falling down them and grumbled "stupid Human stairs" mutters gently and got up and rubbed his head slightly.

    "well note to self watch out for stairs" he muses gently and wobbled slightly.
  6. Toguro shrugged and went back into the spikes covering the entrance of the hulking black tower. Sakyo cocked an eyebrow at the loss of his cigarette, but followed Alucard through the weeping willows of the suicides without needing to be told twice. He was silent, aware that the use the Prince had for him would become clear in time. There was curiosity in him, but not much.

    Mostly he just wanted a new cigarette and a drink.

    Karasu meanwhile, leaned back and blinked at Venom, scowling openly. He sullenly waited for the other shoe to drop.


    "How can the Antichrist be such a childish klutz," Awaale laughed warmly, finally stopping his careful watch over Terms to steady him with a warm, broad palm.
  7. Alucard looked at the male and sighed and gave him a glass "here drink and stay quite" he mutters as he walked through the camp the demons that where warriors growled and complained angrily. Alucard smirks "hey if you want to stop I will gladly make your heart and body stop" he muses and the warriors shivered and went back to training. He came to his tent and flopped in a chair sighing gently ,

    "sakyo what do you know about the human world of today?" he asked looking at him sharply.

    Venom looked at him and scowled darkly and walked toward the gates of hell grumbling curses "come on" he mutters deciding to ignore the prince.


    Terms chuckled gently "well you forget i am young for antichrist" he mutters rubbing his head gently and smiled looking at him "Thanks" he smiled looking around and hears a knock on the door and froze and then the door bell rang and the male jumped out of his skin and jumped onto the demon freaked as he was not used to human world things. he stayed there hiding behind his friend eyes huge 'what was that?" he asked eyes huge.
  8. "I've barely been in hell for twenty years: that's how long ago I sold my soul," Sakyo mused. "So I believe I know a fair bit of the humans. Things must have changed, but I bet the gambling's the same."

    Sakyo was a man of addiction: even in hell, his lust, his gluttony, remained the same.


    Karasu scowled but followed Venom at a saunter without needing any more pressure than that. "I do hope this gets less boring," Karasu said snidely, arrogantly.


    Awaale almost dropped Terms, just as confused by the noise. "It sounds like bells," he said, blinking rapidly. "The angels?"
  9. The male looked at sakyo "I have not been on earth for over 400 years so it has changed alot for me. So what is new on earth?" he muses darkly eyes narrowed sharply at him looking at him deep. His glowing eyes bore into the demons being.

    Venom came to earth smiling as he shifted human form and grinned as he looked through the city streets and walked over slowly and smiles gently whispering things and the humans swayed and bended to his will and two girls curled around him happily "so pretty you are" he muses gently as few guys chatted and talked to venom telling him about two strange males running on earth.

    Terms blinked at the door bell and walked over slowly and opened the door and braced for thw worse but saw a little kid at the door "Hi mister I saw you where open do you have a place to stay?" the little kid whined. Terms blinked "uh. yes come in" opened the door and the little kid walked in timidly looking at eyes huge. terms blinked and ran around to the kictehn looking through finding some food and made it fresh once more and blinked "um Aweaal do you know how to use anything here?" asked blinking confused.
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