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  1. Age: 18
    Name: Cat
    Weapon chosen: [​IMG]
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Personality: Calm under pressure, fight or flight response is to fight, overprotective and will risk anything to help another
  2. Age:17
    Name: Real name classified
    chosen name flare
    Weapon chosen: flare gun that does not emit a large light but instead a small light with lethal impart
    Looks: ashy gray hair blue eyes tan skin hidden face under his hood of his hoodie saying scorch the world jeans with scorch marks
    Personality: if you couldn't tell he likes burning things, quiet, aggressive , if asked to pick side will usually pick his own , hates people trying to reval his face
  3. Age:20
    Name:Chis Weston
    Weapon: 12 Guage, 9mm, Machete.
    Personality:reserved, distant, doesn't trust easily.
  4. Age: 19
    Name: TS002 (Ahzera 2)
    Weapon: Magnum revolver, frozen gauntlet
    Looks: Spiked white messy head of hair, pale skin, brown eyes, leather jacket, black jeans, black t-shirt, white tennis shoes.
    Personality:--(changes due to surrounding)
  5. Is anyone other than Jake and I still playing this?
  6. I think we're the only ones....
  7. You guys seem lonely.
  8. We kinda are, I know what happen but everyone just poofed away.
  9. I'm going to join you, I'm just thinking up a character first.
  10. Sweet! I will wait to post then.
  11. I am cold. :(
  12. Age: 19
    Name: Eric Mayes
    Weapon: Ruger LCP 3701
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    Normally sweet and warm-hearted, the situation at hand has forced her to harden her heart somewhat to the plight of others, in order to survive.
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