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  1. ...Five Days at Freddy's late, but late is better than never, right?

    This is with the craving to do some over the top, scurvy-ridden, rum-fueled plundering-involving roleplaying that I finally get off my ass find the strength to finish my resume and present myself to you all tonight... wait, oops, let's say morning. This night owl is named Primogen, or Prime, Gen or even Hey You!, to you convenience. I am female in the 'What's My Age Again' phase where apparently no one loves me ( :'( ), and so I feel like actually doing something while waiting for my latest fitness program to arrive in the mail in order to be more active than your average house cat.

    I think my resume sums up my current rping stats pretty well, and thus I am left with but a plate of pretend cookies for everyone and the answer for the few of you nerds that still remember/play VtM that yes, my username totes was, in big parts, taken from those dastardly sleeping potential-world-squishers... the fact that I'm the first born of two having sealed the deal for me. <- Arrogant? Me? Noooo, never! o.o
  2. Hello, Prim. Please make yourself at home, and feel free to ask any questions you might have. I stay up late playing video games, and doing 1x1s, myself. Speaking of which, it's 4:15am, and I should probably be getting to bed, but what's a few more minutes gonna hurt? XD
  3. Ah, video games... I have some strange case of cold feet about doing marathons of them like I used to, but those are always great wells of ideas waiting to be made. :)
  4. Welcome Primogen! I think you'll find many interesting RPs here for you :)
  5. Thank you!
    Hopefully my snooping around will help me with that!
  6. I love video games. Among other things, I'd like to have my own company and everything. Not just any company, one that actually listens a bit more to its fans. But that would be so far off if I started trying for it, so I think I'll stick to roleplaying the various things I've thought up.
  7. You never know, as long as there's will, there's way, as they say.