What's Your Taste ?

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Okay I got the idea more over as a girly one, but guys are NOT banned so you all you guys can pop in too lols but it might be kind of a girly thread. Here's how it goes, I will ask a question every now and then you an all contribute according to your style ;) This should be fun, so to get things started I got two questions now:-

1) What would be your favorite fashion ensemble?

2) You dream date?
1) What would be your favorite fashion ensemble?

Casual street fashion! Usually jeans + fancy blouse + jacket/scarf and accessories. And super cute shoes. >:3

2) You dream date?
I'm not a big fan of dates, cause they're kinda awkward. XD So idea cuddle time for Diana involves take-out and snuggling on the couch for tv/movie.
for me i think this style would suite me best


and date well dont even get me started, i would love an island trip, or a moonlight dinner, a private ball party wud do me well too *sigh* how much can a girl ask for lols
1. I've got a white sundress and a peacock feather earring that gets the job done every time.

2. Did he laugh at my Oscar Wilde joke? OK, so far so good. . .
1. I'm a tomboy, so I don't wear anything too fancy. Just jeans and a tee, really. If it's warm, I wear track shorts instead of jeans. The fanciest chic clothes I have are for interviews and special occasions. For shoes, I've got these Tony Hawk skate shoes. >>; Or my Adidas sneakers.

2. Ideal date... As long as there's Italian food and a movie involved, I'm good. Even if it all takes place in the kitchen and living room. :]
hehe not bad at all Sir Basil and Fluffy, ooh i love sneakers too and I really like the idea of going to the book store I could spend hours there and not know it lol
1) I'm a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, but I love off the shoulder shirts and peasant blouses when I'm feeling girly.
2) Kicking his ass at Goldeneye, or going to the aquarium.
1) I dont really have any fashion sense so i have no idea...I do have a nice black sundress with mini white polkadots that is comfy.

2) what is this 'date' you speak of? D: ...a night in where the guy cooks for me and we can enjoy a movie or something together i suppose? ((anything is a step up from McDonalds -___-...))
Black fucking jeans, combat boots, leather biking jacket, and a t-shirt underneath with a striking/sarcastic design/message. *look sat what hes wearing* w0000t.

Dates.... So long as theres intimacy ad closeness or barrels of fun its all good. Best date is a night at home, best date out of home is lasertag or something FUN! Rock concerts are also good but then the girl might find herself with me being overeager for booty.
New question !!!!!!!!!!!!

Five places in the world you love:-

for me it would be lets see Tokyo, Paris, Romania, Russia and I guess London yups ^-^
Places are pretty arbitrary to me. I place neither sentimental value nor expectation to them.
Deutchland, how I will miss thee. 24 straight hours of booze, doner, jagerschnitzel, Winefest, metal, women who practically hand you their vaginas......I will miss this land.

*Makes note of Italian food and movies*
1. Cute shirt, pants that fucking fit. All my pants are too loose or too tight. Gah. And cute shirt, for me, could one that fits well... Or I like those loose tunic-like shirts that are tight around the waist, but bag over that band just a bit and are super ohmygod comfy.

Yeah, ohmygod comfy shirts work, I guess.
Or witty shirts. Heh. My man is full of witty shirts. It's always fun to take note of his shirt. :P

2. Either go to a really, really cool art museum (I tend to like kinetic art and really bizarre, creepy sculptures), a blanket on a hill type deal, or going to a concert (heck, rock, or maybe a symphony) and a nice little cafe afterwards.

And of course, hot, hot sex afterwards.


I want to see the Japanese countryside, San Diego, Boston/Cambridge, though it's not glamorous I love seeing my relatives in the Philippines, and hopefully somewhere in Europe, probably Germany, I hear it's beautiful.
All my clothes are work clothes. All of it is functional and probably looks like shit.

I don't go on dates enough to have a preference.
i love or i would love to travel to?

travel: south korea, rome, italy, japan, russia

places i just love: sitting at my piano, anywhere by water, Maine, internet, my bed (yes they are all places in the world so nya!)
I love the Motherland (Russia) with all my heart, but my current favourite place in the world is currently Bath, England.
basil your from Russia my thats fascinating lol and yes I have head Germany is beautiful but i only got so addicted to it cuz of my fandom for Tokio Hotel and after that fandom ended so did my desire for Germany lols