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What's your preference for organising characters a

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by LunarLavendula, Apr 12, 2016.

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  1. So I'm back to Iwaku after a loong RL-driven break and I'm wondering what the best way to organise my characters and WIP Plots is.

    I see there is a character section where I can keep track of my characters, and I could put plots in my blog, but I'm wondering if there are other ways to go about it - ideally I'd like to keep everything together!

    How do you keep track of everything? PM? Blog? Character section? Groups? A personal thread somewhere?
  2. Not sure if it works for you, but I personally keep everything stored in Word documents in my computer's folders. I have one big folder, divided into two sections: one for characters and the other for plots. The character section is further divided between each and every character, and the same is true for my plots, ideas and concepts. All in all, it takes only seconds to access everything.

    If I ever find out something new about my characters/plots, I just update their document.
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  3. I also go off-site for this.

    I use Microsoft OneNote, it lets me organize by Notebook > Folder > Page > sub-page and use pretty colours, images, and put text anywhere I want so I can have random thoughts all over and rearrange them as they come together. OneNote also has cloud storage, which means I can access it from my phone as well as a computer or tablet, great for brainstorming on the fly or jotting down random ideas.
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  4. I keep Wordpad documents for each character organized roughly by what alignment/faction they belong to. That way it's easy for me to pick out a character that fits the setting I'm looking at. Everything's stored on my Dropbox so I can have all the info I need to write a post on a computer besides my own.
  5. I enjoy Evernote or Google Drive since it's accessible across multiple devices and automatically backs itself up. Drive is especially useful if you're collaborating with other people.
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  6. I've used Word / Wordpad before but the pages can get out of hand and I end up scrolling through alot to find what i'm looking for xD Maybe I need a better sorting system. OneNote sounds really really tempting, I'm going to check that out and see if I can teach myself how to use it. I haven't heard of Evernote before so I'm going to check that one out too to see what it's like :D
  7. My partner (@Sen) and I go off-site to store our roleplay info. We use a wiki to keep track of our characters and worldbuilding or lore, but we just plan together over Skype. It's quicker that way since we only have a two-hour time difference.
  8. Like others have said, I go off-site for this. I know what you mean about having to scroll a ton before you find what you want, though -- to remedy this, I tend to just go on a bit of an organization spree whenever I find that everything's gotten too cluttered. You know -- sort things out into separate documents and all that.
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  9. I have an off-site blog! So not only do I get to have any kind of organization I like, it's easily shareable, backedup, and I can do pretty things with it when I'm in the mood. >:3 I store eeeeeeverything rp related. Characters, worlds, plots, ideas, logs from roleplays, pictures. All of it.
  10. I use Litphoria.com. It's another RP site, but the community is too small to draw from yet, and it has a good plot page layout.
  11. Should be noted features like Microsoft Word would likely be the safest method. You can save it to multiple locations (Hard Drive, USB) and guarantee you always have copies with you. So if something ever happened to the site and/or server you'd be safe.

    However, these copies would then lack the code of the site in question so if you're applying image codes, fancy borders, spoilers etc it wouldn't give you the end appearance to make a judgement on. Which is where I'd start looking at the following:
    This is what would work to keep it on-code and to make sure no one else see's it if you value privacy for your work/collection.
    Like PM, but opens it up to the public eye so you can get feedback. However you can also set privacy here to be only those that you follow, so it's still for the most part private (or completely private if you just follow nobody. With Staff/Admin monitoring exceptions. But I see no reason they'd be looking at your CS collection any ways without having some sort of tip that it was violating some sort of site policy).
    This would work similar to a blog except you can set it up to have multiple full posts following each other on the same page. Instead of only viewing a single post at a time, and or a whole list of 'peeks' into posts. However, unlike the blog you've got no control over privacy, and someone replying would fill in space between your entries. So you'd either have to reserve several posts beforehand, or request no one to comment and if someone then does any ways have Staff remove it.
    It's doable, personally speaking I've never saved anything there myself. But that's mainly because when I first tried it just seemed a bit confusing, and seeing how when I have looked at it there's only a couple of pages of content for the entire site? And a lot of this content is from a couple of members posting a ton of characters? I imagine a lot of others share my position here.
    This would have great potential to organize it in a very big and elaborate manner if you just had a mountain of content to save and organize.
    However, Iwaku's group system is currently outdated to the point they no longer allow new groups to be made. This means if you were to do this now you'd have be taking over someone else's group, and since the lack of ability to make new ones now has currently made groups a prized commodity? I don't see anyone letting go of theirs for something like that.


    So considering all those pro's and con's? If I ever do feel the need to save something specific I honestly end up using Blogs.
    Reason for that isn't privacy though, but rather I just find it more convenient to just click on blogs to find it, rather than dig through the mountain of threads I've created to locate it.

    +Threads can get closed, which would make it a hassle to update if I always had to ask staff to open it again. And by the time they do I might lose the idea I had.

    But generally I only even use the Blog if it's just a basic idea overall and not for a specific RP (or group of RPs) in question. Because usually the respective RP's OOC's serve enough of a job as it is organizing the stuff and I don't often have a need to reuse characters in different RP's all together. Plus, it's not as if there's any employer I need to impress with a character sheet portfolio or anything.
  12. I have it in the grammarly document saver or on my private tumblr. Some people use microsoft word or google drive as some people pointed out above, but it depends on what you are comfortable with.
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